Mobile Marketing: 3 Ways SMS Marketing Can Boost You Startup

Using text message marketing, also known as short message service (SMS), can support existing marketing campaigns and exist as a tactical marketing asset all on its own.

Marketing, as a discipline, has been in a constant state of evolution for decades; encompassing various means of advertising including: print, online, email, and now the latest dimension, social media.

Where marketers in the past were expected to work primarily within “traditional” advertising media, today one’s scope includes all of them. Each advertising endeavor, a subset of marketing, achieves specific goals.

For instance, a Facebook brand page may function in ways that an email marketing campaign can’t, and vice versa. Meanwhile, since mobile devices play such a large role in how people communicate and receive information today, text message marketing (i.e. SMS marketing) is proving to be an excellent way of reaching consumers and gaining their loyalty.

According to The New York Times, “mobile text messaging, the same 160-character dispatches first popularized by nimble-fingered teenagers, may be the closest thing in the information-overloaded digital marketing world to a guaranteed read. The use of text messaging, also called SMS (for short message service), has exploded in this country.”

Using text message marketing, also known as short message service (SMS), can support existing marketing campaigns and exist as a tactical marketing asset all on its own.


Enhancing Social Media Marketing with SMS

Developing an active Facebook and Twitter presence is crucial for many small businesses that hope to connect with prospective customers; especially for startups. But it also requires that you share interesting and persuasive content.

An SMS marketing service can complement social media efforts by reminding consumers about contests while encouraging likes and follows using specialized incentives. The use of text message marketing has the potential to increase social media followers as well.


Tag Team with Email Marketing and SMS

Different facets of your marketing campaign can achieve goals that the others can’t. As a whole, efforts should help you build awareness and connect with customers, each one playing an essential role.

For instance, your small business may deliver a monthly email marketing campaign to share new news and upcoming events, but when it comes to alerting people about short-term events such as a sales event, it may not prove as effective. SMS marketing offers a means for doing so and can play a role in timely outreach efforts while reinforcing your branding message.


Giving the Old School Approach a Shot

Traditional advertising mediums, such as print advertising still has its place in the marketers toolkit. When working in tandem with SMS marketing, both can fulfill their optimum potential.

For example, once you’ve introduced a new advertising campaign that includes your SMS marketing call to action, such as “Text “sign me up” to 59595,” you can gauge how effective your offer and placement of print ads are by the number of responses you receive. This is also a great way to build your database of opt-in text messaging customers, who you can keep informed on sales and upcoming events.

It’s a great balance between “old school” and “new school” marketing strategies. SMS is also easier and quicker to use than print coupons and can possibly lead to more conversions.


Brands Successfully Leverage SMS Marketing

Given its cost-effectiveness, an SMS mobile marketing service can provide a positive return on investment. For example, according to Tatango.com, “Dunkin’ Donuts recently launched a new text messaging promotion geared towards young adults in the Boston area that increased in-store traffic to their Boston locations by 21%. Dunkin’ Donuts had a local radio DJ advertise the text message promotion on-air, and ran mobile internet ads encouraging people to opt-in. The result was 7,500 consumers opting in to receive Dunkin’ Donuts text message promotions.”

This is not the only success among brands who venture into SMS marketing. Brands like White Castle, a fast food restaurant chain and women’s plus-sized retailer Ashley Stewart, have seen their text messaging campaigns receive national attention.

If your audience is one that would be receptive to an SMS marketing approach, the stage is set for you to possibly achieve an increase in company website traffic and in your customer base.


Emily Miller is a marketing professional and entrepreneurship blogger who contributes regularly to Professional Intern. She studied marketing and small business management at Indiana University, and she is currently working to help startups and small businesses implement technology solutions for their companies.


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