Content Marketing: 3 Big ‘Business’ Benefits of Guest Blogging

How can small business owners use guest blogging to increase brand visibility and build a business? Let's get to it!

2. Go from Linking to List Building

When you’re guest blogging it is important to go from linking to list building. Email lists, that is. Now, I have to admit, when I first started contributing articles, regularly, I was strictly there for the link. I didn’t even think about using it to build my newsletter subscriber database, until one fateful day when I landed a guest post on a big site and woke up to 43 new email subscribers!

It was as though the clouds had parted and angels sang while playing harps in glorious harmony, and I saw the light. These days I use my precious author bio to alternate between optimized keywords and teasing my newsletter opt-in offer to get people to sign up to my list.

The beauty about this strategy is you can also use your author bio to link directly to a squeeze page (i.e., a page designed to drive email list sign ups upon claiming a free download or offer). For example, I used this simple strategy to generate over 67 sales leads for my free video training series, Badass Guest Blogging. So, I know firsthand how well it works.


3. Transform Squeeze Pages  into Sales Funnels

Now that you know how to use your author bio to own the top spot on Google and build your email list, it’s time to talk money. More specifically, how you can make more of it!

The true beauty of guest posting is this: not only do you get to pick and choose which sites you pitch, but you can target sites that specifically cater to your ideal customer. Then once you have identified those sites—and pitched them great, well-researched and error-free content—you can use your author bio to link directly to your product (or service) page, or even a review on the product you are selling so you don’t seem too pushy.

Before you even ask … Yes, this is possible. In fact, not only is it possible, but it works.

I do this all the time with my skincare website and it is the main reason I have been able to build that website to over 5 figures a month, in just over a year.

Sure, it may not sound like a get-rich-quick strategy, but if you are in business for the long haul (and I think most of us are) then this is one marketing strategy you simply cannot do without.

If you think your small business could use a little push up the search engine ranks, a regular surge of email subscribers, or a boost to its bottom line, consider adding guest blogging to your weekly to-do list. Not only will you reap monetary benefits, but your brand will gain more visibility than you ever thought possible.

Now if that’s not worth an hour or two of your time, I don’t know what is!


Jill Stanton is a wanderluster and lifestyle business owner hell-bent on teaching others how to ditch the cubicle culture and live a life dripping with freedom and purpose over at Screw the Nine to Five. Currently traveling around Thailand, she lives out of her backpack, probably swears too much for her own good, and isn’t afraid of a tall glass of gin.


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