5 Quick Ways to Humanize Your Email Marketing Campaign

Humanizing your brand through email marketing is an amazingly powerful tool that should not be ignored.

Today, a majority of small businesses are, very much, concerned about brand image.

However, it is more important to create a brand that strikes a chord with customers and in turn, converts them into preeminent supporters of your brand. If done correctly, an email campaign is the most efficient way to accomplish this feat, and build relationships with targeted audiences.

The secret behind email marketing is very simple: send valuable, targeted and human emails to your audience. To be human is one of the most important rules of online marketing. It suggests that companies should communicate with customers using a human voice rather than a faceless, massive voice of an organization.

Consider the following five ideas to humanize your next email campaign:


  1. Sign An Email With Your Own Name

    It is always better to use your real name in your email signature. This is because messages or posts from real people receive greater engagement compared to pseudonyms, coded user name and anonymous announcements. The best way to sign an email is by using your real name along with your role in the company and a head shot to add a touch of your personality.

  2. A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way

    Thank people … even for the little things. Thanking someone can be very powerful and one of the quickest ways to maintain human relationships online. So, getting into the practice of saying thanks to people in your online society for things such as: asking a question or sharing your content is equally important to thanking people for big gesture like sharing a sales lead or volunteering. Thank people with a forthright message and an invitation to get more engaged. A subscriber that recognizes your gratefulness would be more interested in connecting with you to continue the conversation.

  3. Reveal your Backstory

    Create a clear picture of your company in your customer’s mind by telling them your backstory while sharing your passion and background. Connect the marks from your history to the benefits you offer and explain why it matters. Make sure to focus on big themes, but be brief. “About us” is one of the most frequently visited pages on the Internet. So, it should be written in a graceful yet professional way by outlining the history of your company and giving readers insight into your motivations.

  4. Offer Transparent Communication

    It is human to make mistakes, but the most important part is to admit your mistakes by being honest. No one is perfect, but it doesn’t mean mistakes should be overlooked or not taken seriously. It really matters, a lot, how you respond to mistakes. Utilize email marketing to remain transparent, sincerely apologize and move forward by correcting it.

  5. Improve your Sense of Humor

    Everyone likes funny and amusing stories. Also, it is easy to create humorous email content that could make customers smile and laugh. Not only will humor humanize your brand, but it also can delight subscribers and help build an emotional connection with your brand. There are only a few companies, who are using this power well. Join them, and add more laughter and joy to your business and those that support it.

Humanizing your brand through email marketing is an amazingly powerful tool that should not be ignored. You can miss large opportunities to gain new customers and enhance your business, if you don’t take the right steps to create bridges through email marketing and beyond.


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