3 Smart Ways to Market Your Seasonal Business Year-Round

After your big season is over, don’t let all your hard work fade away. Here are three smart ways to increase revenue throughout the year, during off-peak seasons.

If you own a seasonal business, in which most of your sales occur during a few months out of the year, you are well aware of the extra effort needed to increase revenue during the off-season.

For example, you may sell gift baskets online and receive most of your orders around the holidays. Or maybe you sell camping equipment with sales peaking primarily in the summer. Regardless of what industry you’re in, at some point this question has likely popped into your mind: How can I keep our customers’ attention and interest during the off-season?

Here are three fresh ideas to ride the momentum you built-up during your peak selling period and keep your business afloat all year-round.


  1. Review your resources.

    One of the most cost-effective ways to keep year-round momentum is to take a look at your current resources. Take note of what skills, equipment, and other resources you have available and brainstorm what needs your target market may have during your off-season. Then think of ways you can use your resources to meet those needs. Developing a side product or service is a great way to sustain your business through the slow months. For example, if your website sells city tour packages that are ideal for summer months, use your travel knowledge to create city guides that can be purchased as gifts all year-round.

  2. Modify your offering.

    If you sell a product or service that your customers primarily purchase as holiday presents, consider how you can market your offerings in a different way. Seek out relevant trends for your product or service and encourage customers to make a purchase outside of the holiday seasons. For example, if you’re an online photo printing service with the biggest selling months being those with major gifting holidays, you can keep your audience interested year-round by reminding fans of other holidays, such as graduations or retirements. Host photos contests and offer give-a-ways to keep your service fresh in your customers’ minds even when they aren’t thinking about gifts.

  3. Keep creating online content.

    Whether it’s prime selling time or not, you need to continue creating remarkable online content. You want to keep your target audience interested in the information you have to give and build customer relationships that will sustain through the off-season. If you’ve dedicated a lot of time and energy to your social media accounts and website during your peak selling season, don’t stop right after. Continuing to update regularly will remind your customers you are still in business and show them you want to maintain your relationships. For instance, you can gather and post ongoing reviews and testimonials, as well as offer discounts and run contests to generate hype for the next season.

After your big season is over, don’t let all your hard work fade away. Instead, use your time wisely for creatively marketing your business and building up for the next season. Keep fresh in your customers’ minds and they will most likely remember you when it’s time to buy again. Do you have any tips for seasonal marketing? Share with us in the comments section below.


Lucas Olmedo is the Co-Founder of fligoo, a gift recommendation site that uses an unique algorithm to determine the best gifts for your friends based on social media data. Lucas has a background in business development and strategy and previously worked for Global Vision & Commercial Planning Middle East – Asia Pacific at Promedon. Connect with fligoo on Twitter.


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