How to Protect Your E-Commerce Website from Security Threats

When it comes to protecting your business, profits and customer data from online security breaches, no company is out of reach for hackers today.

Storing sensitive customer data

This is perhaps the biggest challenge faced by newbies in the e-commerce world. Whilst handling so much sensitive data in every transaction, e-commerce website owners have a duty to protect their customers and their information to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

The PCI Security Standards Council provides strict codes of conduct for all merchants and it is forbidden to store credit or debit card details. However, each merchant can store the bare minimum for use in the event of chargebacks and refunds.

Becoming PCI compliant also entails following a number of other guidelines to ensure both consumers and merchants operate securely, and those who do not conform face strict penalties. The PCI’s website provides a vital resource for easy-to-understand and need-to-know details for merchants operating online and offline.


Securing user input and authentication

In today’s interactive e-commerce environment, your customers are likely to have a lot of input when it comes to shopping online and checking out, which highlights a number of challenges for merchants who feel they have very little control over this part of the user experience.

Making authentication compulsory when taking addresses and CVV2 codes for transactions is one way of keeping fraud at bay. Whilst making strong passwords is a must for both customers and staff members it will also ensure your customers’ information is fully protected and security breaches are minimal.

SSL authentication can also give the retailer the upper hand when it comes to information exposure. SSL encrypts all sensitive data such as financial details and passwords, so that only the proposed recipient can read them.

Ultimately, every small business should ensure e-commerce assets are fully protected and customers can enjoy a secure and hassle-free online transaction by understanding the challenges and overcoming them.


Brittany Thorley is an avid business security blogger, she uses her expertise in penetration testing and information security to assist companies of all sizes when securing their assets both online and offline.


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