3 Practical Ways to Increase Your Productivity, Today!

I'd bet that almost 97% of entrepreneurs have never applied these tips before...

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Productivity Tip Number 3: Calculate Your Hourly Wage

This is my absolute favorite. It’s so genius, yet I’d be willing to bet you that 97% of all entrepreneurs have never done this before.

This tip is responsible for nearly 57% of my productivity in any given day. Not only is it a practical solution to solving your lack of productivity, but also a great way to inspire you to keep reaching and dreaming for an even bigger picture of your life.

Figuring out your hourly wage …

This is very simple. Take your desired monthly income and divide it by 9 times 30. We are assuming there are 30 days in the average month and that you would be willing to work at least 9 hours each day.

  • So if you’re income goal is $30,000.
  • Take 30,000 divided by 9 times 30 or (270)
  • That comes out to be $111.11/hour.

Be honest with yourself. Are you putting in $111.11 per hours worth of work when you are actively accomplishing your goals? Or are you on Facebook and Twitter half of the time?


Here’s what I’ll leave you with today (besides a reality check). Every time you do something unproductive (i.e. log-in on Facebook while working, take a 4 hour nap in the afternoon, disappear from the office for an entire day) ask yourself, “Would someone who wants to make my desired income level do what I am about to do?” I can guarantee you that you will begin to increase your productivity, almost instantaneously, because you will grow to become more aware of your distractions.

All three of these practical productivity tips are a product of my accomplishments and failures. Some of them were passed on to me from mentors, while others were created by me and my colleagues.

Anytime you learn something, I encourage you to teach it to someone. If you can help people solve their problems with practical, simple and easy solutions, then you need to get out there and tell the world what you know.

It’s likely that nearly one hundred percent of the people who read this post will only practice these 3 tips, once, or maybe twice. I encourage you to print this article and keep it with you so that you can visually remind yourself of how to drastically improve your productivity. I hope that I lit a fire underneath your feet so that you will begin to dream bigger and accomplish every goal that you desire.


Austin Roberson is the founder of Online Social Academy, an entrepreneurial members community that provides solopreneurs, startups, and small business owners with simple marketing solutions, accountability groups, and specialized monthly trainings. Additionally, Austin has a passion for people. Outside of the professional field, he performs with an international dance company called Art in Motion and enjoys passing his free time with friends, family, and a good ‘ol bonfire. Click the link and like his fanpage on Facebook: http://fb.com/austinroberson.

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