10 Ways to Successfully Exhibit at Your Next B2B Tradeshow

These ten tips you can make your company's products and services stand out among competitors -- for all the right reasons!

Building brand awareness in a crowded marketplace can be difficult, especially at business-to-business trade shows. At large exhibits, often times,  just a few exhibitors stand out, but with these ten tips you can make your company’s products and services stand out among competitors — for all the right reasons!


  1. Give attendees a free gift.

    Never let your visitors leave your tradeshow booth empty-handed. Give them something; anything … a business card, a promotional goody bag, a logo branded gadget, or even a sales brochure. Remind event attendees of your business even after they leave the exhibition.

  2. Create booth engagement.

    Don’t wait for a visitor to show interest! Be proactive and draw attendees to your event pre-show and during by inviting potential clients to your booth. Ask questions and build a quick conversation. Don’t be afraid to be bold and ask a passserby: “Have you ever heard of our products before? And if so, where?”

  3. Don’t be a know it all.

    When it comes to maintaining your trade show reputation, no company wants to be labelled as the “blabbermouth”. Just because you (or your sales team) knows a lot about your market, don’t assume your customer wants to know as much as you do. Trade show attendees may feel overwhelmed when faced with industry jargon and scientific details so speak clearly and develop short talking points.

  4. Determine customer needs.

    Ask about the interests and needs of your tradeshow booth visitors. Identify whether an attendee is a professional, distributor or end client; then take steps to determine whether they are happy with competitive products. Through this you can determine whether they are willing to switch, and become one step closer to securing a loyal customer.

  5. Listen and be helpful.

    Don’t just talk a good game, take time to actively listen to your target market and try to understand their point of view. Be attentive in your sales approach at B2B exhibitions and other events and your customers will appreciate it!

  6. Keep in touch.

    Ask every person who visits your booth to leave their business card or complete a contact form; attach this request with an exclusive offer. When I say ‘every’ person, I mean ‘every’ person. After each event you will leave with high-quality leads and a refreshed database. Be sure to follow-up immediately after the event.

  7. Observe your competition.

    Check out what your competition is doing at the tradeshow. Go as far as collecting their promotional materials, as these will be useful for further competitive analysis.

  8. Guard your tradeshow booth.

    Never leave your tradeshow booth unattended. Your most interested customer or partner may arrive when no one is present; which would be unfortunate. Be prepared with an adequate sales staff rotation to ensure your booth is always manned.

  9. Be professional.

    Always smile and have fun! Presentation is of utmost importance. Regularly replenish your tradeshow booth with promotional items and keep them displayed in an aesthetic manner, hiding rubbish far from visitors’ eyes.

  10. Be a brand ambassador.

    Remember, when staffing the promo stand, you are the face of the brand. As Venchito Tampon explains in Search Engine Journal, “Ensure that [you] are proactively initiating conversation with others in promoting your brand’s product; be it goods or services. [You] should be comfortable in engaging healthy discussions and be warm in dealing with difficult people.” Be the best you can be. After all, first impressions do count!


Brittany Thorley is an ethnic marketing specialist who represents Think Big Comms , a PR, marketing, and advertising agency that caters to Polish professionals. Connect with @ThinkBigComms on Twitter.


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