6 Reasons Why Human Resources Activities Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Here are six reasons why human resources is worth its weight in gold.

Today’s workplace has evolved. Your company will more than likely have an office that is met with complex interpersonal issues, a multicultural employee base and an escalating complexity of tasks at hand. Couple this with a fast-paced, high pressure environment (with very little downtime), and you are then faced with maintaining a winning (and consistent) company culture.

Your human resources activities are a large contributor to workplace development and the overall success, or failure, of your company culture. So, here are six reasons why HR is worth its weight in gold.


  1. Team Building

    In most organizations, large and small, hiring and onboarding new employees is the sole province of HR. This effectively means that the Human Resources department is creating the entire office’s team. It is crucial that the right personalities are added to the mix to for ensure a healthy company culture.

  2. Conflict Resolution

    A vibrant and productive office is likely to be staffed by articulate and passionate people. However, even with the best and brightest on your payroll, conflict inevitably arises and a good HR department is the front-line for conflict resolution. As human resources staff should essentially be impartial, many employee conflicts can more easily be nipped in the bud.

  3. Employee Wellness

    Work-life balance is an ever sought and seldom realized ideal for many employees. Employee wellness, as a priority, will help build a healthier and more productive workforce. When employees are mentally and physically well, there is generally an increase in morale and productivity; all the while decreasing health care costs. With the proper HR employee wellness programs in place, you can help overwhelmed employees keep their head above water.

  4. Job Training

    With the pace of business accelerating in the last five years continuing education for employees in any field is now a necessity. Workplace training seminars on topics as varied as the proper use of internal systems, maximizing efficiency, and advancement in the organization are often guided by HR.

  5. Employee Benefits

    Health care, dental, and life insurance represent a complex maze of abstruse documentation with very little information that is clear to the layperson. A good HR department can make the difference between empowered and informed employees and frazzled ones. Benefits are beneficial, but only when they can be used to the fullest.

  6. Workplace Harassment

    Unfortunately, workplace harassment and bullying have not yet been stamped out in the otherwise progressive office environment. According to the FCC, “Unlawful harassment is a form of discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other federal authority.” When employees feel that they are the targets of a hostile work environment, human resources is often their only path to recourse.

Tricia Borren is a mom and a blogger from Beverly Hills, writing on behalf of Nutter Consulting, an Ohio leadership development program that offers Human Resource management services in Cincinnati.


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