10 Ways to Increase Facebook Business Page Engagement

Creating a lively online community takes hard work. Start by actively engaging your fans and give them the kind of content they want.

Setting up a Facebook page for your business paves the way for growth since social media platforms allow for massive online exposure (when done right). Facebook, a social media giant, currently has more than a billion users, and it’s especially popular amongst millennials. So, if you’re target audience aligns with a 18-34 age bracket, this gives you all the more reason to launch a Facebook business page.

Social media is an arena where big and small brands alike can engage on a level playing field, since audiences can be segmented and targeted in a more personal manner. The very nature of Facebook allows easy interaction, making it an efficient tool for engagement and relationship building. The challenge is keeping your Facebook followers interested.


How to Keep Facebook Fans Interested

The thing with social media is that it’s not a traditional advertising medium. People in general will follow their favorite brands to be educated or entertained. So, sharing valuable and relevant content is a must, since few people are interested in hard sell tactics.

Also, Facebook’s algorithm makes irrelevant posts less visible. It judges the relevancy of a certain piece of content by looking at the number of likes, shares, and comments. If there are no social signals, it won’t appear in your audience’s news feeds.

So, if you’re looking for ideas on what to post on your company’s Facebook page, here are ten quick ideas:


  1. Conversation Starters

    Facebook status updates could be the start of great conversations. Unlike celebrities, though, talking about what you had for breakfast would not likely spark much interest for business pages. Eliciting a response from your audience is key.

    Start by asking simple questions related to your industry. Say, you own a sci-fi memorabilia store. Ask followers: Who is your favorite sci-fi hero? Who is the most awesome super villain? What’s the most memorable line from your favorite character? Also, you can try a fill-in-the-blank format: If I had one super power, it would be _____; My favorite Star Wars episode is _____ because _____; My weapon of choice would be _____.

    Remember to keep posts short. Limit it to 80-120 characters. Longer posts will lessen the chance of people responding. It also increases the likelihood that your followers will tag friends in your post, thereby spreading the conversation. Meanwhile, review page analytics to confirm which types of posts resonate the best.

  2. Trivia

    Trivia is great for engagement since it is informative and followers can opt to share their own knowledge and experiences on the subject. For instance, if you own a tattoo parlor,  you can share information about the cultural and historical significance of various body art. There are lots of online sources where you can gather tiny nuggets of knowledge. Also, cite your sources to boost credibility and help followers become more knowledgeable about the topic, given they can study the original source. Lastly, always include an image with your trivia to be more captivating.

  3. Opinion Polls

    Polls are meant to measure public opinion, and that’s what makes it exciting. Everyone has their own preferences and opinion polls will show your followers how they are different and yet the same. For instance, if you are a sports kit manufacturer you may leverage debate on sporting events with huge fan bases, like the FIFA World Cup or the EUFA Champions League. Put all the teams as the choices, and simply ask: Which team are you rooting for? Again, this makes for great engagement. Follow this link to create one.

  4. Industry News

    Industry news is great to share since enthusiasts are on the lookout for the latest trends and breakthroughs to gain inspiration. You can check out news media sites that focus on your industry. For instance, Techcrunch and Mashable are go-to resources for all things technology and digital. This can establish your brand as a hub for quality information, which is great for your overall brand image.

  5. Company News

    Sporadically share updates, pictures, and blog articles about your company. This gives people the chance to become more familiar with your brand behind the scenes. Familiarity builds trust over time. Tell people something inspirational, such as your humble beginnings or milestones. Or talk about funny office moments and your team building practices. Sharing stories makes your brand more human and likeable. You could also opt to announce job openings. That brilliant employee you’re looking for could be one of your biggest fans.

  6. Special Offers

    Are you offering huge discounts or exclusive products and services? Facebook fans would definitely love to hear about that. Everyone likes getting more value so expect a lot of likes and shares for posting relevant offers. Broadcast complete details including how people can redeem the offer, the actual discount amount, which products are included, and the date of your special event. And don’t forget to create unique social media banners to optimize social shares.

  7. Articles

    Articles are among the most popular web content — especially lists. Seek out “how to” guides, tips articles, and the more technical in-depth content from your niche, and then share it. Use third party articles to build traction and fan loyalty by providing valuable content. Also, for your own company blogs you’d be generating site traffic.

    Consider using the 10-4-1 method devised by Jeffrey Cohen and Kipp Bonar, authors of the “B2B Social Media Book”. Basically, share 10 pieces of content from several different sources, 4 from your company blog, and 1 from any landing page of your choice. This rule is helpful because haring too much of your own company messages (i.e., self promotion) can turn people off.

  8. Infographics

    Infographics are quite popular these days. They are good for educating and entertaining since 60% of people are visual learners. Infographics typically pack information in a little, and aesthetically pleasing, image. So, create infographics that reveal valuable data related to your niche. For example, if you’re a health coach, hire a digital artist to create an infographic about the three food groups. Then upload it on your website and promote it on Facebook. Not only does it improve your branding, but it’s bound to generate some natural backlinks too.

  9. Funny Photos

    Facebook is great for casual and informal conversations. Show some humor by sharing funny pictures you’ve found on the Internet. Among the most popular visual content, memes have been gaining strong viral appeal. They’re typically straight to the point andvfor a good laugh—perfect for engagement. If there aren’t enough existing memes that suit your preferred messaging, you can make your own using Imgflip to tailor content to your audience’s preference.

  10. Online Videos

    Video content may be harder to produce, but it’s worth it since compelling video gets shared 12 times more than both texts and images combined. Make an online video that is entertaining, educational, or both. If you own an extreme sports shop shoot an amateur skateboarder with exceptional skills and create instructional videos. If it is in budget, hire a professional skater and shoot a video using the shop’s merchandise. Lastly, you can also opt to browse video sites like YouTube and Vimeo and share the best skate videos on your business page. Remember to give credit to original sources in order to avoid legal trouble.

Overall, a Facebook business page provides a lot of opportunities if you know how to manage it. Creating a lively online community will take hard work, but it is worth it as you establish your brand and provide value to your audience. Start by actively engaging your fans and give them the kind of content they want.


Morrys Sarmiento is a business writer whose main interests are online marketing, lifestyle, and business management. This feature is written on behalf of Xight Interactive Asia Inc., Among his interests outside the profession are football, music, theories of personality, philosophy, gaming, and creepy stories. Connect with @morrysxi on Twitter.


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