Five Employee Perks Your Team Will Love

Keeping employees happy, engaged and productive is an integral part of creating a successful company culture and business.

Why is it important that your employees are happy? Research suggests that “Whether we looked at entrepreneurial startups or large, established enterprises, the same holds true: People are more productive and creative when they have more positive emotions.

In fact, we found that, if happier on a given day, people were not only more likely to come up with a new idea or solve a complex problem that same day but also to do so the next day.”

Keeping your employees happy and productive is an integral part of managing a successful company and company culture. Fortunately, you can find a number of ways to show your team you care about their well-being without breaking the company budget.

Here’s a look at a few employee perks that you can tailor to the needs of your team and your business:


Gym Memberships

Employees who are fit and healthy are more productive and take fewer sick days. You can help your employees maintain their weight, reduce stress levels and improve sleep by offering free gym memberships. Your local gym may be willing to offer special group incentives and discounts to businesses in the area.


Shopping Club Memberships

One way you can help employees stretch their household budgets is by providing free memberships to warehouse clubs. These clubs allow members to buy larger quantities at discount prices.

Warehouse clubs (i.e., Sams Club, Costco, BJ’s, etc.) not only offer food items, but also office supplies, furniture, clothing, vacations and auto supplies. These stores can also be used for your business needs, such as catering office parties, supplies for special meetings and merchant services for your business.


Employer Provided Cell Phones

With the increasing cost of cell phones and their contracts, employees appreciate an employer-provided cell phone that allows them to use their disposable income for more enjoyable purchases.

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Cell phone companies offer affordable programs to businesses that use a number of phones. These programs will also allow employees to update phones more frequently. With free phones, you can help your employees save money while providing reliable communications for your business. Make sure to protect your investment with cell phone cases.


Free Food Days

Break up the monotony of the work-week by periodically offering catered free lunches or edible treats. This will give employees something to look toward and show your appreciation of their efforts throughout the year. Conduct an informal survey for dietary needs and restrictions before you decide on a vendor.


Free Event Tickets

Nothing lifts employee morale at a company like a couple of free tickets to top attractions, theme parks, music and theater shows, sporting events, movie tickets, hotels and much more.

By working with corporate entertainment benefits providers, like Tickets at Work or Entertainment Benefits Group, you can gain turn-key access to ticket perks and save time and money in the process. First, find out employee’s preference before offering free tickets for a job well done or for other notable accomplishments.

Employee perks are also known to increase morale; just make sure to give these gifts sincerely and with a great attitude and your employees will be sure to appreciate them.


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