Do Your Advertising Campaigns Perform This Good?

There is a right way and wrong way to advertise a business. Here's a look at two companies, who got it right -- and lessons learned.

When it comes to small business advertising campaigns, there are certain ones that stick in your mind. When you notice a good advertising campaign you know a lot of thought went into creating it; and to be quite frank, it’s that type of creativity that pays off.

If you’ve just started a business there is a lot to learn from the execution of successful ad campaigns. Here’s a look at two examples of small businesses who market their products and services the right way:


Blendtec’s ‘Will It Blend?’ Campaign

Blendtec claims to make the world’s best blenders, mixers and grain mills. If you claim that your product can blend anything, don’t put it past people to put your blender to the test in unconventional ways. For example, can it handle the tough job of blending an iPhone or other expensive electronics?


Despite being an older campaign, Blendtec’s ‘Will It Blend‘, is still creating buzz. How could you not love a product that is everything it’s trumped up to be? You have to see the YouTube videos to believe just how well this concept took off. From marbles to crowbars to Bic lighters, everything you can think of has been put to the test. Who could dispute the legitimacy of a claim that it will blend everything when it actually does?


‘Meet Townwaiter’ Digital Spot

Online food ordering service, Townwaiter, connects customers with local eateries in their neighborhood. Their ad agency, Tenshi Advertising, knocked it out of the park when they won the Internet Advertising Competition’s (IAC) Best Small Business Online Video award. Using eye-catching graphics and explaining the food ordering service in detail is what won Townwaiter the prestigious reward.

It doesn’t get more cut and dry than with the Townwaiter introductory video. Anyone who’s hungry and doesn’t have the time to pick up carry-out can order food from their favorite restaurants with ease through the Townwaiter website. It doesn’t matter what type of cuisine is desired, either. Meanwhile, offices can order from multiple restaurants without having to website hop. Townwaiter is available for use on computers, smartphones, and tablets.



Characteristics of Great Small Business Ad Campaigns

There are a number of different characteristics that successful small business ad campaigns share. Here are a few for you to consider before releasing your next one.


  • Deliver an element of surprise.

    With so many pieces of information bombarding people’s mind on a day-to-day basis, it’s very important to go against the grain and surprise your audience from time-to-time.

  • Offer an emotional reaction.

    Perhaps one of the oldest tricks in the book but certainly among the most effective is getting the audience to feel something after looking at a photograph, listening to an audio clip or watching a video.

  • Provide something unique.

    People want to have their minds blown. Be the business that does that and when you’re successful once, try, try again. Use your prior successes to secure future successes.

  • Encourage engagement.

    You want people to talk about your ad campaign. You want them to share it with their relatives and friends. You want them to post about it on their social media accounts. That’s how things go viral. Word-of-mouth marketing works.

There is a right way and wrong way to advertise a business. Now that you’ve heard about some of the companies making the most of their advertising dollar, you can follow suit by coming up with a campaign of your own with just as much appeal. The next time someone talks about something being viral, it very well could be your small business!


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