10 Instagram Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

Here’s a look at 10 #mustfollow Instagram accounts every entrepreneur should know about.

Instagram usage has been on the rise ever since its 2010 inception. Today, the Instagram community has grown to more than 200 million Instagrammers capturing and sharing their lives every month. Admittedly, we’re a little late to the Instagram party. But were on a full-tilt mission to continue serving up fresh, provocative, and insanely addictive business know-how — via YFS Magazine’s Instagram official account.

Launching an Instagram presence can be a useful tool for startups and small business owners alike. Most entrepreneurs are convinced that Instagram is a powerful promotional tool. As Kathleen Booth, the Owner and CEO of Quintain Marketing, explains: “People buy from people, and most companies forget how important it is to put a human face to their brand. Take photos of your staff, special events, office space, etc. and post to Instagram, then cross promote these on  your other social channels.”

While certain industries (i.e., Cars, Fast Food, Soft Drink and Apparel) are the most represented on Instagram with a 100% adoption rate, others are a bit slower to adopt (i.e., insurance industry, etc.). (Source: Nitrogr.am) However, the numbers alone make Instagram an interesting proposition for small businesses to build relationships with engaged online users. For instance:

  • 70% of Instagram users log in at least once a day.
  • There are currently 75+ million daily Instagram users.
  • 20 billion photos have been shared since launch (Data compiled through 3/26/14)
  • On average, 60 million photos are posted daily. (Source: Digital Marketing Ramblings)

Ultimately, Instagram is all about visual story telling which makes it a great platform to share your brand story one captivating photo at a time. So, if you love Instagram as much as we do – or if you’re just getting started – here’s a look at 10 #mustfollow Instagram accounts every entrepreneur should know about.


  1. YFS Magazine (@yfsmagazine)

    10-Instagram-Accounts-Every-Entrepreneur-Should-FollowYFS Magazine®, which stands for ‘Young, Fabulous & Self-Employed®, is the definitive digital magazine for startups, small business, and entrepreneurship culture. We aim to serve up fresh, provocative, and insanely addictive business inspiration, quotes, new news, and tips through captivating photos that make entrepreneurship accessible for all.

  2. Daily Simple Truths (@dailysimpletruths)

    dailysimpletruthsDaily Simple Truths is one Instagrammer’s personal collection of favorite thoughts with text designed by the @WordSwag app. You’ll enjoy their minimalist look with a focus on big thoughts and inspiring text.

  3. FocusedAction (@FocusedAction)

    focusedactionFocusedAction shares a lot of original content. The creator, Rob Sneed, works as a motivator in the highly dynamic retail automotive industry. He’s driven by a passion for the advancement of companies’ potential through the development of the leaders that drive them. His colorful and thoughtful approach to Instagram makes this account a standout motivator.

  4. Matt Potts (@TheFreePerson)

    thefreepersonMatt Potts is a passionate entrepreneur, setting people free one day at a time. This Instagram account always posts quality content with insightful comments on each nugget of inspiration. He is dedicated to teaching and training people to live the life that they have always been called to live. If you’re ready to break free — this Instagram account is for you.

  5. A Wealth of Wisdom (@ThinkGrowRich)

    thinkgrowrichThis Instagrammer believes riches begin with a state of mind. You’ll find inspiration, motivation, affirmations and powerful insights from great minds. @ThinkGrowRich aims to help you create a life you love.

  6. @LuxQuotes

    luxquotesLooking for aspirational and captivating photos with candid and hard-hitting quotes? @LuxQuotes sources some of Instagram’s most captivating photos and shares nuggets of saucy life wisdom. If you enjoy the good life, @luxquotes aims to please.

  7. Inspiration-Motivation-Quotes (@AchieveTheImpossible)

    achievetheimpossibleNeed a daily dose of inspirational and motivational quotes to encourage you to achieve the impossible? Look no further. @AchieveTheImpossible has them in spades. Their Instagram account consistently posts the right type of inspiration that every entrepreneur can benefit from.

  8. Sean McCabe (@SeanWes)

    seanwesSean McCabe is a Hand Lettering Artist & Type Designer based in San Antonio, TX. He has a passion for hand lettering and typography as well as a love for meticulous detail. While his podcast shares insights creativity and business in the design industry he shares great words of inspiration on Instagram.

  9. Kelli from The Happsters (@Happsters)

    happstersThe Happsters are dedicated to spreading happiness. Based out of San Diego, they want to know: “What makes you happy?” Their platform inspires to make other people happy. Through random acts of happiness, they aim to make the world a happier place. Tag your happy posts with #imahappster for a feature and jump on the happy bandwagon.

  10. Acting on a Dream (@aoadnow)

    aoadnowActing on a dream inspires people to share their hopes and turn dreams into a reality by taking pictures holding their very own dream cloud. While the movement is open to everyone, there is a focus on helping aspiring professionals get ahead by giving them a platform to showcase their talents. What’s your dream?

Do you know of other Instagram accounts that are #mustfollow’s? If so, let us know in the comments section below.


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