How to Make Your Brand #Instafamous by Using Instagram

What are you waiting for? If you haven’t already -- get on Instagram and start building. It works. I am proof.

If you’re not using Instagram for business, you are leaving money on the table. Instagram is the hottest social platform and with the decreased visibility of Facebook brand pages, what better way to build your brand for free by having fun on Instagram and reaching thousands?

Photo: Entrepreneur, Jenn Scalia
Photo: Entrepreneur, Jenn Scalia


True Story: Humble Instagram Beginnings

I’m no social media expert, but I would consider myself a social media junkie and the results I’ve gotten, using Instagram alone, have been nothing short of amazing. Here’s how I more than doubled my email marketing list, got paying clients, and found raving fans without spending a dime.

[pullquote]”I grew my Instagram following by over 12,000 in less than 6 months. The growth was 100% organic — I promise I didn’t buy a single Instagram follower.”[/pullquote]In the summer of 2013, I decided to create an Instagram account of quotes, just for me. I wasn’t doing it for business, or to get followers or fans. I was literally just doing it so I had a place to consolidate all of the quotes I liked.

For months, I simply stored quotes there. I was often back and forth between that and my personal Instagram account. I was getting some followers, likes and comments here and there, but nothing major. I wasn’t strategic at all and my posts were totally random. By January of 2014, I had a little over 1,500 followers and I thought I was “big time”.

During this time, my business was ramping up and I decided to start using Instagram for business purposes. I didn’t really know how to start. So, I started out by putting my website link in my Instagram profile. Meanwhile, my coaching practice was growing and going into a different direction. I started to focus on a specific niche (something I neglected to do the previous year in my business).

So, I began posting targeted quotes with my core message (directed at my ideal client) and the response was unbelievable. I grew my Instagram following by over 12,000 in less than 6 months. The growth was 100% organic — I promise I didn’t buy a single Instagram follower. Not only that, but I doubled my email marketing list, created thousands of raving fans, scheduled dozens of consults with potential clients and actually got paying clients. Yes! All of this … from Instagram!

How did I (actually) do it? Here’s a list of tactics that fueled my Instagram awareness growth:


  • Stay consistent.

    I posted often and kept my page relevant.

  • Pick a niche.

    I identified my target audience and I stuck to it!

  • Be clear.

    I developed a creative and super clear bio with a link to my site.

  • Use hashtags.

    I used relevant and popular hashtags.

  • Be original.

    I posted original quotes from my blog and ebook and then drove followers to a free download on my site.

  • Create excitement.

    I launched free challenge and encouraged people to sign up on my website to get extra incentives.

  • Stay engaged!

    I tried my best to respond to every comment I could.

  • Follow other people.

    Trust me, it’s okay. Some people may never even know you exist if you don’t follow, like, or comment on their posts.


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