5 Logical Reasons Your Small Business Should Record Calls

Gone are the days when you had to run a massive conglomerate to benefit from call recording and workforce optimization technology.

Gone are the days when you had to run a massive conglomerate to benefit from call recording and workforce optimization technology. With improved access and lowered costs small businesses can leverage technology to track calls for regulatory compliance, enhance customer satisfaction, limit legal liability, improve employee productivity and increase security.

Thanks to the growth of cloud-based services small businesses have access to the latest voice recording technology on their terms. These days all you need is online access to a dedicated web portal to access your company’s call recordings. For emerging home-based startups, if you’re relying on inexperienced staff, voice technologies can make a huge impact. In comparison, larger and more established small businesses need voice solutions to meet growing needs as they scale – realizing you can’t oversee every call.

Here’s a look at five specific ways voice recording technology can help your small business.


  1. Improve sales techniques.

    Do you know how well your team actually handles objections on the phone or whether they are missing crucial cross-sell and up-sell opportunities? By playing back calls with customers you can quickly identify whether your sales team is asking the right questions and following the correct lead qualification processes. Use voice recording technology to iron out bad sales habits and reinforce a more positive and successful approaches to working with customers.

  2. Provide consistent service.

    Some employees behave differently under the spotlight. You can’t watch over employees all of the time. With a voice recording app you can make sure your people position products correctly, position your business correctly and follow sales processes – every time they pick up the phone. You also get to hear the customer’s side of the conversation for the first time. So, you can identify where sales processes could be a little more customer-friendly, based less on anecdotal insights feedback from staff and more on real customer recordings.

  3. Resolve customer issues professionally.

    No small business is immune to customer complaints. Even organizations with the most impeccable customer service can make mistakes. Call recording gives you a legal fail safe to resolve disputes arising from telephone orders, such as shipment of an incorrect item or late delivery. When you have an indisputable record of every customer interaction, you can remedy customer support cases with speed, confidence and clarity.

  4. Train your entire team more effectively.

    Get a handle on how your team interacts with customers, by reviewing inbound and outbound calls. Then highlight the successes of your best performers, identifying what they are doing differently and benchmarking their methods. This enables you to train all of your staff and gain insight into interactions that go widely-overlooked or misunderstood. Recording calls can ensure you understand what your customers need and equip your team to serve them in the best way possible.

  5. Protect your business.

    Ordering stock, working with third-party suppliers and receiving deliveries is integral part of many business operations and an essential element to get right—especially when a large sum of money is involved. With professional call recording software you can verify costs and quantities and protect your business from potential losses. Also, security breaches are often found in phone conversations whereby confidential information is shared outside, both intentionally and unintentionally. Call recording software tracks down these instances.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Tracy McAvoy is a passionate B2B technology marketer at Business Systems (UK) Ltd., a provider of call recording and workforce optimization technologies encompassing quality monitoring, analytics and workforce management solutions. She enjoys sharing with others how call recording and workforce optimization technologies can be used to build better relationships with customers to drive retention and acquisition. Connect with https://twitter.com/bslhq on Twitter.


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