Bland Content Marketing? Spice It Up With 4 Creative Tips

It's be fair to say consumers are desensitized to advertising. That's why it's essential to make your marketing efforts count.

It’s fair to say consumers are desensitized to advertising. A recent study found the brain is ill-equipped to process the amount of information it receives in the current state of consumerism. (Source: Mast Media)

That’s why it’s essential to make your marketing efforts count.


Tapping Into Target Audiences

There is a new paradigm where online marketing and promotion is concerned.  Most, if not all of, consumers with access to the Internet and social media will have experienced its effects within the last twenty minutes.

I’m referring to viral marketing.

But why do some marketing campaigns become viral hits while barely light a spark? That’s a difficult question to answer and requires a more in-depth analysis of society’s relationship with postmodernism. In essence, the notion that nothing is new and that no new ideas exist creates the perfect environment for well-placed advertising campaigns to go viral.

One of the most significant factors pertaining to this school of thought is that of diversification. Many business owners are understandably unsure of where to start, so here’s a look at four creative ways to spice up bland content marketing efforts.


  1. Repurpose Content

    It’s perfectly acceptable to experiment with ideas and repurpose the content you’ve already generated in order to create a new online format. For example:

    a) Create videos: Summarize company blog articles into 2- or 3-minute clips of compelling visuals such as animated infographics or short films;

    b) Create podcasts: Turn archives into audio content for iTunes and promote the subscriber system rather than the material itself;

    c) Retweet your message: Don’t neglect other social media channels simply because the format doesn’t fit. You might be surprised at how many new followers you’ll be able to gain.

    There is no limit to what can be done with a back catalogue of strong ideas. Once the content is there, it remains a relevant and useful resource.

  2. Create Exciting Connections

    To relate this discussion to a real-world example, consider how Anthony skincare repurposed their best selling product into a viral video. In doing so, the skincare brand redefined their image in the eyes of consumers. It is clear that reinventing one’s message in order to produce a louder voice can be extremely effective.

  3. Test Online Content Often

    Diversifying your online content is not about trying every possible method of delivery. Rather it’s about testing a few ideas and measuring their success. While not everything you do will work as expected or live up to its promise, make it a point to track the following:

    a) Brand perception: Increases in customer interaction and acquisition after coming into contact with your campaigns;

    b) Repeat business: The number of people who return to your website to follow through with the purchase cycle;

    c) Engagement: Take note of how far through the content your visitors got and where you lose audience attention;

    d) Visitor loyalty: Track how often and how soon visitors return to your content in addition to the ways in which they shared or interacted with it.

  4. Coordinate Online Efforts

    There is something in marketing known as “The Bullseye Framework” that pertains to the strategies new business ventures need to prioritize in order to maximize advertising campaign results and corner market segments in their niche. Advertising shouldn’t be a one-off strategy that begins and ends with one format.

    When you only incorporate a single tactic, you’ll fail to reach a large proportion of your target demographic. If you make it easy for followers to consume information at the time they want, and in the fashion they prefer, you’ll see a marked increase in the size of your audience and reach of your initiatives.


Continuity is Key

After you’ve made a connection with your audience, don’t just leave it at that. Now that you have their attention, you need to keep it, and that means keeping your variety of channels up to date and relevant. If you can continue to produce immersive content, your odds in succeeding will be increased and your audience with thank you for it.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Savannah Flynn is a public relations specialist for WebpageFX, a full-service Internet marketing, web design and web development agency offering integrated web solutions for medium to large sized businesses across the globe. She has a passion for online marketing and PR.


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