5 Must-Have Leadership Qualities For All Entrepreneurs

Although many of the qualities that define a good leader can occur naturally, every single one can be learned.

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Simon Crompton, freelance Journalist and entrepreneur; Source: Courtesy Photo
Simon Crompton: freelance journalist and entrepreneur; Source: Courtesy Photo

The qualities that make a good leader are easily definable. As an entrepreneur it is vital to know what these qualities are because to be successful in a business, any business, you need to be a good leader. Although many of the qualities that define a good leader can occur naturally, every single one can be learned.

Whether you are just starting a new business or have been in business for years, there are skills and abilities to learn (and refresh) that will make your leadership style an effective and valuable tool for business.

Here’s a look at five important qualities all great leaders possess:


1. Passion

To create and lead a successful business, you have to believe in it and in yourself. Much of the time, the desire to start a business is secondary to the drive that pushes the person to succeed in any endeavor they put themselves to. If you have a passion for your product or service, you will push yourself and others into success, no matter the odds.

This is a quality you can see in any successful business you come across, from a clothing site selling Fusion t-shirts to a line of smart jewelry for women. Your passion has to be channeled into doing what is best for customers. It will motivate you far beyond the early stages and ensure you do whatever it takes to make your startup a success.


2. Vision

As a leader you have to clearly see and communicate your vision of the future. Keep that vision in your mind’s eye every moment of the day as you are dealing with the minutiae of daily details. Not being able to see the forest for the trees has doomed many startups.

You can’t forget the details, but the big picture is what you, as the leader, have to keep your eyes on. Constantly keep your vision, of what you want your company to do, in front of you.

Take the time to reevaluate your vision on a regular basis, what you want your company to accomplish, and make sure key people on your team understand and share it.


3. Perseverance

Being able to cope with business obstacles is one of the most important skills an entrepreneur can learn. Not everything in a startup will go smoothly, many times it will seem that nothing is going right.

Seeing beyond problems of the immediate moment and taking the long view, while putting those problems in their rightful place, is essential.

Sometimes the key to perseverance and getting things done is creativity. By thinking outside of the box, and crowdsourcing problem solving you can minimize or deflect an obstacle and find ways around it. Creativity is not confined to just one person.

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