15 Social Media Tips and Strategies That Get Results

Whether to grow our business or our personal brand, social media is an invaluable low-cost branding tool. Yet, it can also can leave us frustrated.

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  1. You don’t have to make social appearances.

    Maybe you don’t like to be photographed, or posing for photos makes you queasy? You can still create a personal branded Instagram account without making daily cameos. Just be sure your subject matter is personal and reflects your taste and style and not merely what you ate for lunch.

  2. Stay consistent.

    I touched on this in the first point, but it deserves its own line item. I’ve personally struggled with this as of late, but it’s important to stay consistent. If you offer a personal or company blog, not only should you post daily (if that’s what readers have come to expect) or the same two days each week, but the same time every day as well.

  3. You don’t have to master everything.

    Pick the social media networks you find are the most helpful for you and your business. Each social platform caters to a different demographic and various need. From Facebook and Twitter, to LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumbler, Instagram, Blogs and more – focus is key.


More Practical Social Media Tips


  1. Tag pics with keywords.

    Think about how online users search for things. This is mainly for blogs, but make sure you title embedded images with verbiage and keyword phrases that someone would type into Google.

  2. Use your mobile notes app.

    Yes! Hashtags can be funny, but they are also how new people find you. All of your social content should include basic hashtags (especially photos that showcase your service, product or industry). Save time and keep them on your smartphone’ notes app so you can cut and paste with ease.

  3. Hashtag wisely.

    See tip 1 and tip 2, and combine hashtags in ways that will help market your product for people who are searching for what you offer, not for people who are not. So, in my case a hashtag like #weddngindustry might help me get bookings for a speaking gig at a conference or to market a seminar, but it’s not likely attracting a bride to be.

  4. Silence the noise.

    The purpose of social media is meaningful engagement. However, you may find you have too many “friends” on Facebook and your Aunt Dottie clutters your feed with photos of her pet bunny rabbit. Subsequently, you miss posts from the editor you’ve been trying to engage with, or you follow too many people on Twitter and don’t want to offend by clicking “Unfollow”. Use “Hide” and “Mute” features to cancel the social noise and help you engage in a more meaningful way.

  5. Go to the dance.

    Even if you aren’t active on all social media networks, at least attend them. Create branded handles on each network so people can tag you and include you in the conversation that is happening with or without you. At least be available to be included and to direct people to your site or whatever social platform you do regularly use.

If this seems like a lot of work, it is! But you also are using social media as a tool to grow your business. You don’t need to become the next Instagram celebrity but you do need to market your business (and yourself) to the right audience in a powerful way.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Xochitl (So-Cheel) Gonzalez is the Co-founder of Besties in Business, a consulting and networking group for female entrepreneurs and small business owners. A Brown University alumna, she has been successfully running several small businesses in the event and hospitality industry for over a decade. Connect with @theblogsmaid on Twitter.

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