5 Surprising Things Your Website And Salsa Dancing Have In Common

Are you inviting customers and clients to the dance or stepping on their toes?

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  1. Cont. There’s a time to lead and to follow.

    As a business owner, you are the main lead in the virtual dance with your clients happening on your website. But running a successful website isn’t as crude as leading “numbers” where you want them. It’s about fostering relationships with real people and knowing how to invite communication (through social media sharing buttons and comment sections).

    It’s about engagement (by responding to comments, arranging live Q&As, or encouraging sharing). A successful leader isn’t the one that leads his followers with an iron fist, but one that gently guides them with a supple wrist.

  2. No one likes a cry baby in a corner.

    We can all feel small and insignificant at times. When you put a lot of effort into something (be it dance steps or a business plan), it’s normal to feel “out of it” once in a while. But standing alone in a corner, nursing a mojito beneath a long face, never helped anyone.

    It’s up to us to take that first step and ask for a dance… and then another … and then another … until we get back in the game. The same holds true for your business.

    You can’t withdraw into your dark corner of the Internet, whining about no one visiting your website. You have to put your biggest smile on and go ask for the sale, time and again, until you create a following of people who love to work with you or buy from you. As scary as it may sound at first, it’s actually quite liberating to know you’re in control of the relationships you build through your website—one personal connection at a time.

  3. Respect everyone on the dance floor.

    In a room full of dancers, you can’t only be thinking about your partner and your dance moves. You have to be mindful of everyone else in the room, too. No one wants to dance with (or next to) someone who keeps elbowing, kicking and stepping on everybody else.

    When leading people through your company website, you have to be mindful of everyone “around” you, too. You can’t go about disrespecting other professionals or potential clients in the industry. Being successful online is about respecting the entire community of potential clients and industry peers. Your website is often your first dance with a potential customer or client, so make sure you don’t use it to step on others’ toes instead.

Whether on the dance floor or on your company website, success goes far beyond having the skills and grabbing a partner. It requires finesse, subtlety, and communication. If you want to build a successful website that buzzes with consistent traffic you have to showcase your personality, not just your skills, and build a smooth, gently funnel that goes from landing page to sales without virtual pushing or shoving. Make your website a lively dance floor, not a complaints department—it’s much more fun!


This article has been edited and condensed.

Julia Melymbrose is the copywriter behind the copy-web design duo running Chocolate and Caviar, a creative website boutique that specializes in one-of-a-kind websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Want to create the perfect money-making website for your business? Learn how to go from initial concept to irresistible buy button today by downloading Chocolate and Caviar’s free guide on the 7 Steps to Online Heaven. Connect with @jmelymbrose on Twitter.

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