Is Bad Copy Ruining Your Content Marketing?

If you’re interested in marketing your business online (and who isn’t at this point), you can’t escape the importance of content marketing. It’s everywhere you look, or listen.

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How can you help people reach their full potential if all you’re doing is limiting the things they can actually do?


Content Marketing Copy Tip: Talk about the key steps of how people can achieve their individual goals. Then you no longer have a blanket statement that doesn’t mean anything.


For example, if you’re sharing tips on how to earn a five-figure income, talk about the various ways someone could approach it. Or at the very least, acknowledge that all roads don’t lead to your way of doing things.

For each action step listed you can describe the pros and cons and the type of small business owners who would benefit most from it. If you only cover one or two strategies (because you’re an expert in those areas) that’s cool! Just let your audience know that is the case.

You definitely don’t have to be all things to all people, but acknowledging there are other options allows your audience to make an informed decision.

When marketing copy is informative, it’s no longer just a sales technique.


One-Sided Copy Is Boring!

Copy that takes a one-sided approach is basically like a rubbish action film with cheesy fight scenes and no actual plot.

As you create content to build your business you may notice that your personality is not one-sided – you are multifaceted and it will benefit the people you serve. Yet, it’s important to highlight the benefits of each side. That’s how we attain balance and balance makes customers feel steady enough to move forward.

Most importantly, we owe it to our customers and clients to be fully honest about who we are and how we can help.

There are gray areas to every business situation. So, for example, if you’re a business coach it’s important to teach people how to adapt to those situations while keeping their brand voice, values and beliefs in tact.


Content Marketing Copy Tip:  Great copy takes people on a journey through a range of emotions. It makes the reader feel things they might not have recognized before.


Tell a story that exhibits the different aspects of your personality. For example, you can communicate that you’re there to support, motivate and help people reach their potential, but you’ll do a swift 180 to get them in gear, when necessary.

That kind of authenticity keeps your audience on their toes. It also prevents them from nodding off as they scroll through your dull sales page. It gives readers a glimpse of the complexity that is human and relatable.

Unless you think your ideal client would benefit from you coddling them 24/7?


Simplicity Doesn’t Mean Omission

Many people and brands have taken the notion— “simplify things”—to an entirely new and surreal level; a picture of a world that only has extremes.

That world doesn’t exist. The more you suggest that it does in blogs, articles and sales pages the more damage you’re doing to people who are looking for simple answers to meet their complex needs.

I really hope this trend of “my way or no way” ends soon. As an entrepreneur, I genuinely worry that people will start molding themselves into what they are not all because of some idiots who want to increase engagement on a company blog post.

Stay credible, valuable and honest people. We’re complicated humans. Let’s not forget much of who we are for the sake of a riveting bit of sales copy.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Memma Hough is the founder and CEO of Crackalackin’ Copy Mentor. She helps high-end coaches reach their income goals by writing copy that instantly speaks to their ideal client. Memma is on a mission to eradicate dull boring copy from the face of the earth by replacing it with heart-felt, honest messages. You can find out exactly why she describes herself as “Not the average copy mentor” on her website. Connect with @CrackinCopy on Twitter.

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