Why Is SEO Important For My Small Business?

If you aren't convinced your business needs to engage in SEO, here are a few reasons to think over it again.

Photo: Jeff Williams,  author, freelancer, and columnist; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Jeff Williams, author, freelancer, and columnist; Source: Courtesy Photo

If your small business has not engaged in search engine optimization (SEO) yet, it’s definitely missing out on something really great. Why? SEO, when done correctly, is a marketing technique that delivers a very high ROI. The catch is this: SEO needs to be done in a manner that adds value to your company website and offers visitors a great experience.


Benefits of SEO for Businesses

If you aren’t convinced your business needs to engage in SEO, here are a few reasons to think over it again.


  • It’s cost-effective.

    SEO is an economical way to market your business. While you may have to incur investments upfront in website design and development, there is very little funding, time and effort required to keep leads coming in. When compared to offline marketing costs, SEO investments are much more affordable. In fact, SEO is relatively cheaper and offers better ROI than other forms of online advertising platforms such as pay per click (PPC), social media marketing (SMM), etc.

  • Reach new markets.

    SEO can help your business access new markets that are well beyond the markets you serve currently. Using SEO, products and services can be marketed and can reach out to customers who are in need of their products.

  • Increase website traffic.

    While all website traffic may not necessarily convert and make you money initially, getting people to visit your website can help them learn about your offerings. Chances are, a good number of online visitors may convert into buyers. And, the more traffic you have to your website the higher chance of conversion.

  • Get valuable insight on target market behavior.

    Having said that SEO can improve website traffic, business can also gain valuable insights into how their target market behaves. This is possible using Google analytics, which tracks traffic using various metrics and data points to yield insights about visitors. For example, their browsing behavior, the technologies they use, the languages they prefer, time of the day they are most active, etc.

  • Long lasting results.

    Some say, SEO results can last longer than any other form of advertising, be it offline or online. Correctly performed SEO on websites can yield results that will continue to benefit you well after campaigns have ended. However, the continuity of campaigns will ensure that results are sustained and the flow of leads are constant.

That’s quite a number of good reasons why all businesses, including yours, need to engage in SEO. Why do you believe SEO is important for every business? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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