These 5 Clever Apps Can Help You Beat Procrastination

When someone says “stop procrastinating” we all know that is easier said than done. But with these brilliant and practical apps there's a smarter and more proactive way...

Everyone has bouts of procrastination from time to time. We often come up with all sorts of creative reasons why we postpone some activities, especially business tasks that aren’t on the “fun” list. It’s either we’re too busy, too lazy, too stressed, too uncertain or too disrupted to perform specific work. We often find ourselves saying “now” isn’t the right time.

As any procrastinator can tell you, there’s no quick fix for procrastination. The longer you delay the more daunting and unpleasant a task becomes. To break this bad habit, these clever apps and tools will force you to get more done and increase productivity.


  1. Yelling Mom

    This reminder app is a recommended procrastination killer. For everyone who’s looking for a user-friendly task manager, Yelling mom provides constant reminders, quick response when adding assignments, making notes and helps you focus on tasks at hand and future projects. It has an array of obnoxious alarms, ranging from wailing sirens to a referee’s whistle to a disco diva alert.

  2. Finish

    Are you incredibly bad at scheduling and often forget your things-to-do list a lot? This to-do list tool for procrastinators sorts scheduled tasks into short-term, mid-term, and long-term events. Finish app aims to bother you about a particular task until you mark it complete. It also has its clever ways in overcoming laziness, forgetfulness, or anything that keeps you from getting your stuff done on time.

  3. Beat Procrastination

    Beat procrastination with clinical hypnotherapist Andrew Johnson is a guided meditation program intended to help listeners overcome barriers to productivity in their lives. This tool aims to modify your behaviors and unconscious attitudes about putting things off. It provides a guided meditation program and progressive muscle relaxation that will help you create positive habits and develop motivation, feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and confidence in completing tasks.

  4. Timeful

    This creative calendar management app and to-do list with intelligent assistance to make the most of your time. Managing your daily schedule and creating new to-do-lists can become effortless with this tool. It consolidates other existing calendar apps, like Google Calendar, Outlook and the stock calendar app, into one place for users’ convenience.

  5. Keep Me Out

    Improve your self-control and discipline with the help of Keep Me Out tool. This free web service will restrict you from visiting those highly addictive and time-consuming websites. No registration required for this app. Just open the site on your web browser and put the link of the websites that you want to block. After that, you can indicate the time interval for your site visits.

When someone says “stop procrastinating” we all know that is easier said than done. But with these brilliant and practical apps, there’s a smarter and more proactive way to end procrastination and get into gear.


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