Helping People Get Healthy Is Good Business

Thanks to an increasing interest in fitness and healthy lifestyles, this health and wellness industry has seen tremendous growth.

And with Fitbit, FuelBand, and the Apple Watch, the wearable technology industry has capitalized on monitoring health and fitness. A lot of companies are eyeing — and positioning themselves for — massive growth in this category.


Doing Business in the Health and Wellness Category

Is health and wellness the right industry for you? It is if you’re truly passionate about health and fitness. To connect with these passionate consumers, you need to understand what motivates them and be inspired by similar things.

Start by practicing what you preach. If living a healthy lifestyle is one of your passions, it will be easier to go to work every day. If it’s not, you need to make some changes.

As a busy entrepreneur, embracing a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge, but you owe it to your business (and yourself) to commit to fitness. Plus, when you share the same passions as your customers, you’ll have unique insights into their needs, meaning you can better serve them.

Helping people live better, healthier lives is what makes the fitness and health industry so attractive. Businesses feel good about their mission, and they’re building loyal customers who believe in what they do.

Health and wellness focused businesses serve a community of like-minded people who are, in turn, empowered by living healthier lives. It’s a positive cycle that fuels itself. If your passions align with your customers’ passions, your business will be a pleasure to run, and it won’t feel much like work at all!

What’s not to like about helping people live healthier lives?


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Chris Thornham is a co-founder of FLO Cycling, which engineers aerodynamic cycling wheels. The company uses computational fluid dynamics software to develop its wheels and verifies its results in a wind tunnel. Less than three years after launching, the company has sold 10,000 wheels to customers in 51 countries. Chris enjoys learning, triathlon training, skiing, hiking with his dog, and spending time with family. Connect with @flocycling on Twitter.


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