44% Of Online Shoppers Consider This E-Commerce Feature A Must-Have

Not every E-commerce website offers this service. However, it’s a good thing because that leaves an open opportunity for you to serve customers proactively.

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Photo: Kara Spadone, SEO Copywriter and Editor; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Kara Spadone, SEO Copywriter and Editor; Source: Courtesy Photo

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care (Damon Richards).” This and other inspirational customer service adages are often touted, but do you truly understand the magnitude and importance of communicating early and often with customers?

Communication between your businesses and customers is important, especially when your customers may have questions or require support on products or services.

Gaining access to customer support channels should be easy and effortless. Keep in mind, not everyone wants to pick up the phone and impatiently wait on the line to hear a voice on the other end or navigate a painfully complicated voice response system. Instead, they want instantaneous answers and assistance from agents that are quickly ready to help with any issues.


Live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone (eConsultancy).”


“Many online consumers want help from a live person while they are shopping online; in fact, 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer,” according to Forrester Research. “Proactive chat can provide this type of customer support, ultimately achieving multiple business goals for eBusiness professionals, including reducing abandonment, improving conversions, and driving customer satisfaction.”


Live Chat Offers Convenience

There’s just something about live support chat that strikes a customer’s fancy. In this busy day and age, it’s hard to wait around for answers that might not get delivered in time. That’s why the use of live support chat on your website can really impact the customer experience.

Live chat is fast and convenient, allowing customers to get the answers they want without any delay. When customers use live support chat services, they’re receiving exactly what they want: instant communication and fast feedback.

The goal is to provide convenience and access. “According to a report from the Aberdeen Group, 94% of organizations provide service and support across multiple channels (including, email, telephone, e-services, Web queries, remote support, social media, live chat, mobile messaging, and forums) (Zopim).”


Live Chat Can Build Brand Trust

It is often a relief to know that, within seconds, there’s an agent at your service eager to assist you on the web. If a customer gets answers to questions via live chat (and are satisfied with the results) they’re most likely to do business with you again.

The combination of instant help, clear communication and speedy solutions lays the foundation down for trustworthy relationships between producers and consumers. You then are perceived as a credible source. “The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing (John Russell).”

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