How to Succeed In Reading Your Customers’ Minds

Too bad this article isn’t a promotion for a magic eight-ball to reveal what your customers think, what they want, and what bothers them.

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These channels include email support, contact forms, phone transcripts, social listening, surveys and even ratings systems on the answers and knowledge base that you have in place.

Setting up the right channels is just the first part of creating an effective ‘Voice of the Customer’ program. In order to take action, you must systematically capture and manage these insights in order to set the appropriate changes and processes in order. This can be an arduous and overwhelming process when trying to align all feedback and input.

The good news is that there are some technology platforms that streamline this info so you can spend your time analyzing and taking relevant action as opposed to compiling and organizing mountains of data.


4. Implement a digital customer assistant with NLP.

One of the most effective ways to capture top-funnel (and even mid-funnel) ‘Voice of the Customer’ data is to implement a digital customer assistant who operates as a sort of knowledge-based concierge, delivering relevant, actionable answers to your customer regardless of where they ask, how they ask, or what they need.

Natural language processing (or NLP) is the power behind this innovative technology. It allows your visitors to ask for resolution in their own words in order to receive sought results. Just like any other well-mannered concierge, this digital assistant gently guides your customers to a clear path of resolution if your knowledge base simply won’t suffice.

The feedback and analytics you receive from such platforms operates as if it is your customers’ personal clairvoyant. Is their information missing from your page? This self-service widget will capture the unanswered questions lurking in your customers’ minds.

Is the shipping information not clear during checkout? You will surely discover this information gap when viewing ‘Voice of the Customer’ analytics from your digital customer assistant.


In summary, no matter which strategies or technologies you employ to better understand your customer, focusing on what they want and need is the only way to market to their pain points in a smart and effectual manner. Many times as marketers, we just want to go go go, produce, create more output, and transform into little marketing machines. Without setting our coordinates with pinpoint precision keeping in mind exactly to whom we’d like to reach out, most of our efforts will sadly be done in vain.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Tamar Frumkin is the Head of Inbound Marketing at nanorep, a cloud-based digital customer assistant that provides actionable answers relevant to each individual. Tamar’s expertise in content marketing has developed during her past 8 years in the technology sector. Her experience spans fashion tech, ad tech, and B2B SaaS with a focus on strategy, content, and branding. Connect with @nanorep on Twitter.

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