Win The Content Marketing Game With A Royal Flush

Given its track record for business success, more companies are increasing their content marketing efforts in hopes they’ll win big.

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The Internet is buzzing with the topic of content marketing. The practice of content marketing is increasing so exponentially that Google search results for “content marketing” outnumber those of current U.S. president Barack Obama by more than a third.

Given its track record for business success, more companies are increasing their content marketing efforts in hopes they’ll win big.

Not all content is created equal, however. Content curation is an art of its own and only the right amount of training—paired with real life experience—will increase your chances of winning big and playing a hand that is sure to win!


10 – Keep it simple.

Online content differs greatly from other mediums, (e.g. prose, journalism, and academic writing). This style generally offers more freedom and flexibility than other methods, but certain tried and true tips seem to resonate best with online audiences.

Keep the following points in mind to make the most of the permitted distinctions between online content and other printed materials:


  • Short sentences and common terminology allow for easy reading and appeal to broad audiences.
  • The smart use of font styles: bold, italics, underlines, and colored text can make your text come to life. Choose wisely, however, or else the text can become distracting.
  • Include links to relevant content when appropriate; these inclusions will enrich your article and indicate that you’ve done your research.
  • Use bullets and/or numbered lists for clear-cut, simply flowing organization.


Jack – Write with creative conviction.

Communicate effectively via tone and style. Content writing is not a field in which you can afford to be wishy-washy. You’re expected to be a leading voice of authority in your field.

Maintain a consistent, engaging, and entertaining voice that truly speaks to your audience. Be fun and free. Forget the poker face here. Put enthusiasm into your work. People want know there’s an actual human behind the ideas, rather than hearing overly scripted and automated sound bites.

Readers click to gain valuable insights, tips, and perspective. It only takes one well-written content piece to pique interest. So, when you’re penning your next piece, write as though it’s a make or break opportunity for retention, since it very well could be.


Queen – Use enticing visuals.

Sometimes it’s better to show than to tell.

King – Focus on active user engagement.

For better or worse, we live in a digital world wherein social media can be the strongest tool in your marketing arsenal. Social networks provide excellent (and for the most part, free) avenues to engage existing followers and attract new ones.

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