Smart Online Businesses Harness The Power Of Convenience

The best businesses know how to simplify the purchase process. No hassle, no fuss. They make it easy to understand, easy to follow, easy to replicate, and easy...

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Caring enough to do the extra work, to add the lines of code, to host that weekly staff meeting and go over sales trend reports, to shut things down for mandatory maintenance and go back to the wire frame and tweak and adjust some more.


Creating Real Brand Value

The value of a brand is not just what a customer gets but what they feel. Chances are you can recall your favorite shopping experience. Maybe it was the service professional that asked you how your day was or maybe you only had fifteen minutes and things were so well run that you got out in ten. That’s the benefit of the offline journey because you can curate that personal atmosphere. But you’ve chosen to go digital. It doesn’t mean the same rules can’t apply.

How can you beef up your customer service? How quickly can you decrease the time it takes to reply to a ticket? And what about your company’s website interface? Is it attractive, inviting, and enjoyable? If customers feel cared for, and feel like you did everything you could to create a pleasant buying experience then a sale is in the air. You just have to catch it. I think that’s an easy call.

Restructure, re-tool, and re-sell.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Thierry Augustin is a digital brand strategist based in New York City. He helps growing business strengthen their brand and target their audience to be more effective in the online marketplace. Connect with @taugustin_ on Twitter.

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