3 Promises Your Most Important Client Needs To Hear

You’ve been hustling and putting your customer’s needs first, for a long time. But that can’t last forever.

Photo: Shannon Davis, creator of The Empire Strategist; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Shannon Davis, creator of The Empire Strategist; Source: Courtesy Photo

You’re a kick a** entrepreneur. I know you didn’t get to this point in business by sitting around. You’ve been hustling and putting your customer’s needs first, for a long time.

But that can’t last forever.

You’re going to burn out at some point. Furthermore, the necessary tasks in your business, those that don’t directly involve clients, will continually get pushed to the side. Not to mention your health and happiness … at this rate, they’ll suffer too.

Instead, you need to treat yourself better; in fact, as good as a client. But not just any client—your best client.

Here’s a look at three promises you should make to your best client (i.e. yourself) today.


  1. I promise to set and stick to meetings.

    You would never cancel a meeting at the last minute with a client, so show yourself the same respect. You wouldn’t dole out an excuse as to why you’d rather binge watch Netflix or suggest their project can wait until later.

    So, why do you consider this acceptable when it comes to growing your business? You can’t keep putting off your work until “later” because often times, later becomes never.

    That e-book you’ve been meaning to write, the content marketing calendar you’ve been procrastinating on, the killer product you’re waiting to create—they all need to start happening now. Schedule a “meeting” with yourself and get it started!

  2. I promise to make “you” a priority.

    You always go the extra mile for your customers. You make sure they have your full attention 100% of the time. You’re not planning Client B’s project while on a call with Client A. So, why don’t we take this same thoughtful approach to our business?

    Too often, we fit our projects in when we have time. Okay! Let’s be honest, we never have time. And when we eventually do sit down to start working on them, we’re thinking about everything else we “should be” completing for customers. Just stop. You are your most important client, and you deserve 100% of your focus too.

  3. I promise to work smarter.

    Let’s face it! As much as it may hurt to hear this – you aren’t amazing at everything. Nor should you try to be!

    Between working with clients, creating new products and services, writing weekly blog posts, updating social media daily, engaging with followers, following up with leads, responding to emails, setting up the tech for your latest webinar, creating shareable graphics and everything else going on, you barely have time to sleep!

    Chances are that some of those things on your never ending to-do list aren’t things you’re particularly good at – which mean they likely take too much time to figure out (as you over pour a glass of wine to ease the frustration of it all). So, what would you tell your clients to do in this situation?

    Get some help! That’s exactly what you should do as well. Grab a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle to create two columns. On the left side, list the things that are in your zone of genius and absolutely need your attention. On the right side, list out everything else that needs to get done on a daily and weekly basis. Now focus on getting the support you need so your business can expand.

Think about everything you could you accomplish if you started treating yourself like a client!


This article has been edited and condensed.

Shannon Davis is the online business manager extraordinaire behind The Empire Strategist. She began offering virtual support for entrepreneurs in early 2013, and rapidly grew from zero to fully booked in under 6 months! Shannon uses her systems savvy and administrative expertise to take the behind-the-scenes operations of online business from shaken-up to supremely seamless. Connect with @theempirestrat on Twitter.


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