18 Brilliant Content Ideas For Your Email Newsletter

We are often told a newsletter and getting more email list subscribers is a must for business. But before we do, it’s really important we realize why. More...

We are often told a newsletter and getting more email list subscribers is a must for business. But before we do, it’s really important we realize why. More importantly, how you can make it work for your business.

According to Pardot, research “suggests that email marketing is as effective of a marketing tactic as ever, despite rumors that it will one day meet its end as social and mobile continue to rise in popularity. In fact, not only is email effective — it’s significantly impacting ROI for businesses that are using it regularly.”


Email List Benefits

For starters you need a mailing list. This can be as simple as putting together an opt-in list of current customers, past clients, previous inquiries, people you’ve met at networking events and social media contacts.

Sharing useful and exciting information with subscribers is a surefire way to grow your email list and keep your audience happy. There’s no point in spending time creating a gorgeous email newsletter that only promotes your products and services. If you do this, people will disengage.

Think about this: How many times have you deleted newsletters because all they do is talk about themselves, how amazing their products are and nothing else? This isn’t a great way to engage with readers. Your goal should be to drive excitement for recipients to read your newsletter when it pops up in their inbox. It should further entice readers to then click through links to your website.

It’s best to think of your newsletter as a marketing tool, not a sales tool. Shifting your mindset will help you remember to add value and give something back.

According to Convince and Convert, “People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers.” Email subscribers may not buy from you right away, but when they get to know you through social media and your newsletter they’ll start to view you as a leader in your field and recommend your business to others.


Fresh Email Content Ideas

If you’re in need of fresh ideas, here’s a look at 18 content ideas you can use for email newsletter campaigns to give readers real value:


  1. Share links to your most recent company blog posts.

  2. Share links to someone else’s relevant blog posts.

  3. Create a video tutorial linked to a service offer (e.g. If you offer Facebook marketing services, create an explainer video that showcases how to create a Facebook ad).

  4. Share a YouTube video tutorial of someone else offering relevant advice.

  5. Showcase training courses.

  6. Share news on industry events.

  7. Highlight a free webinar that you attended which would benefit readers too.

  8. Share a link to a magazine or blog you personally subscribe to.

  9. Promote someone else’s latest product using an affiliate link so you can earn commission in the process.

  10. Share the latest industry or government news relating to your industry.

  11. Offer weekly top tips linked to your products and services.

  12. Share a freebie gift offer to say “thank you for subscribing” (e.g. a cheat sheet or free chapter of your up-and-coming eBook).

  13. Include a personal note (e.g., your week in review, something you learned or a highlight).

  14. Share a success story or testimonial from a client.

  15. Answer a popular, frequently asked question you receive from clients.

  16. Share results from a recent internal or third party survey.

  17. Review a product in audio, video or written format.

  18. Welcome a new client or congratulate a customer on recent success.


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