Make Tedious HR Tasks Painless With These Online Tools And Tips

With the use of technology, many of the most common HR processes can be streamlined.

Simon Crompton, freelance Journalist and entrepreneur; Source: Courtesy Photo
Simon Crompton, freelance Journalist and entrepreneur; Source: Courtesy Photo

Human resources activities are a necessary part of any growing company. HR decisions play some of the most decisive roles in business.

Hiring and firing employees, payroll, distributing benefits are examples of key activities within a very complex department within your business. They can also take up huge amounts of time for an HR administrator and other team members involved in the process.

Streamlining everyday HR processes will not only save your company time and money, but it will prevent your HR team from being inundated with paperwork. This can ultimately lead to a more productive and satisfied team.

With the use of technology, many of the most common HR processes can be streamlined. By improving your methods and approach to hiring, payroll, orientation, communication and performance reviews you can make tedious HR tasks painless.

Here’s how to get started:


  1. Hiring employees.

    Hiring new employees costs a lot of money and requires a huge time investment. However, the hiring process can be made substantially easier by following a few simple steps. The first step is to create a specific and role-focused job description that reflects current market trends and hiring goals. This will encourage applications from the right candidates.

    Next, use recruitment software to track job applicants. Using cloud-based software like Recruiterbox or Workable is the easiest way to receive and manage an influx of applications and it’s definitely more efficient than email.  Also, consider saving time in the hiring process through video interviews. Holding pre-screening interviews via Skype or Google Hangouts will not only alleviate scheduling issues, but also free up travel budgets.

  2. Payroll

    Payroll operations can burn up entire weeks. Many online companies, such as Swap.com, have entire payroll departments dedicated to the task of ensuring employees are paid the correct amount on the correct date. One of the best ways to streamline the payroll process is to invest in an advanced payroll software.

    A payroll software system like ZenPayroll, Namely, or Intuit Payroll, will help keep everything organized. It will also highlight any problems or inconsistencies in paperwork. These systems are a time saver not only on payday, but during tax season as well. With everything filed correctly and electronically, it makes it easier for accounting departments to find the information they need to present to the IRS.

  3. Orientation

    You can make new employee orientation easier and more streamlined with the use of onboarding software. Tools like Lessonly easily track your learning by building lessons and sharing them with your team. While tools like PeopleMatters’ HIRE software aim to simplify the onboarding process by automating tasks and paperwork. Many of the biggest issues in HR include incorrect data on paperwork. An HR software system can pick up these issues and report them to administrators so that they can be resolved.

  4. HR Communication

    Dealing with a never ending stream of emails can impact an entire organization’s productivity. This is especially true in the case of the most tedious aspects of HR. To improve productivity and avoid wasting time on unnecessary emails, having an effective line of communication to deal with the most common email requests or complaints is essential.

    Small businesses can employ the use of web based project management tools like Asana or Basecamp to relieve small email requests. Online collaboration and project management tools allow users to participate in a large number of group and individual projects. Moderators can even see the results in real time.

    Meanwhile, tools like Slack bring all of your communication together in one place with real-time messaging, archiving and search. Employees who have completed required forms or undergone required training can use web-based tools to let HR coordinators know the task is complete without having to send another email.

  5. Performance Reviews

    Performance reviews can be the thorn in the side of many teams. Depending on the size of your business, annual employee evaluations  can take up a lot of time. Online HR tools like Small Improvements lets you set and track private or public milestones, send messages or praises and conduct 360 degree peer feedback.

    Meanwhile, the performance review app Knack lets management and HR add and manage employee reviews. If you need to coordinate schedules calendar tools like Doodle and MeetOMatic that are built specifically for this purpose. If someone needs to cancel the appointment, they can do so through a user-friendly online interface.

By streamlining systems and processes and avoiding unnecessary emails, your HR activities can be completed with ease in less time. Relieving your team from piles of paperwork creates a more organized and efficient work environment filled with more satisfied employees.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Simon Crompton is an entrepreneur running several online businesses. Currently focusing on his marketing firm, Threecolors.blue, he is also a trained journalist sharing his knowledge via several internet blogs. In his spare time he’s an avid programmer and videographer. Connect with @PermanentStle on Twitter.


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