7 Practical Ways Entrepreneurs Can Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Here’s a look at 7 practical ways you can start to fit healthier living back into your crazy schedule.

Photo: Adria DeCorte, Healthy Living Strategist, Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Adria DeCorte, Healthy Living Strategist, Source: Courtesy Photo

Every day you’re stretched to the max. At the end of the day, as you sink into bed, you may realize that you missed your workout (again). You may even recall that all you had to eat were those two slices of pizza in between client calls.

This has become your new normal. But what you may not recognize is this: health and productivity are two sides of the same coin. You are your business’ biggest asset, and taking care of yourself is essential to your bottom line.

Those healthy habits you’re trying to fit in … they feed your mind, body and your hustle.

So, here’s a look at 7 practical ways you can start to fit healthier living back into your crazy schedule:


  1. Batch cook on Sunday’s.

    As a healthy living strategist, I advise my clients to make a big batch of beans and brown rice to store in refrigerated containers for the week ahead. When you’re in the middle of a project and the inevitable kitchen dash happens, grab your containers, toss a scoop of beans and of rice together with veggies and sauce for a quick an healthy meal that gives the you the kick start you need to keep going.

  2. Schedule workouts.

    Schedule your workouts in your calendar right alongside client calls and business appointments. If you use an online scheduler for clients, block out time for regular workouts. For example, I take a pilates class at 9am on Monday’s and Wednesday’s, so my calendar does not allow client bookings for this time period

  3. Move between appointments.

    Have you noticed that when you sit at your desk all morning, you start to feel sluggish? Instead, keep your energy flowing with frequent movement breaks throughout your workday. For example, I have a mini trampoline in my office to jump on. You could turn on the radio and take a dance break or get outside for a brisk five minute walk. If you often get focused on your work, try setting a timer for a movement break every couple hours.

  4. Double up leftovers.

    Sometimes you only have 15 minutes to grab something to eat before you jump back into a conference call, team meeting or car for your next meeting. So, when you do have time to cook a meal, make extra. Then, to make life easier, store individual-sized portions in separate containers so you can grab one out of the fridge and eat it immediately. Bored? Remix leftovers into a fresh meal by adding veggies and your favorite sauce.

  5. Hold walking meetings.

    Whether it’s a meeting with a business partner or a catch-up coffee with a fellow entrepreneur, go for a walk while you talk. Not only will the movement generate mpre clarity, you’ll also feel energized. If the weather isn’t cooperating, walk around the office or a local mall.

  6. Work standing up.

    A sedentary lifestyle is dangerous for your health. As Medical Daily writer, Lecia Bushak explains: “Ultimately, our bodies are built for motion, not being couch potatoes. We have to give our bodies what it really needs: physical activity as much as we can.” Mix up the typical sitting position by changing office chairs or commit to getting on your feet more often. You don’t need to get a fancy treadmill desk to do this. Working on your laptop at the breakfast bar in your kitchen or finding an elevated counter top in your office is enough.

  7. Check your breathing.

    Check in throughout the day on your breathing. Is it short and fast? Are you holding it? As entrepreneurs we are so easily wound up. Whenever you think about it, try taking a few deep belly breaths, and deliver fresh oxygen to your brain. You might find yourself thinking clearer, making more rational decisions, and more easily accessing your creativity.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Adria DeCorte is a Healthy Living Strategist who helps high-performance, driven female entrepreneurs feed their hustle and practice the self care that creates a foundation for lasting success. Adria has over 13 years experience including a M.S. in Environmental Science with a focus on botany which gives her a unique understanding of food and nourishment. She’s a TEDx speaker and host of the Feed Your Hustle podcast. Supercharge your entire workweek with her free 3-Minute Morning Meal Plan. Connect with @AdriaDeCorte on Twitter.


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