How To Deal With Difficult Times In Life And Business

When times are difficult, it’s easy to feel that we have no control over the outcome of our lives; especially in business.

Entrepreneurs inherently take on more risk. Therefore, you’re more likely than most to encounter difficult times. So, here’s a look at 3 important things to focus on so you can overcome them:


  1. Set small, positive goals.

    When times are difficult, it’s easy to feel that we have no control over the outcome of our lives; especially in business. Setting small goals for the day is a simple confidence builder that will grant you a clear and focused mind. Set 3 small, positive goals. They can be as simple as taking a walk to your favorite coffee shop, collecting a book from the library that you’ve been looking forward to reading, or contacting a loved one or industry peer.

    These goals are not about solving your life’s greatest conundrums. The aim is to purposefully schedule a small portion of your day, towards a directed outcome, until you can find inner peace once again. Without goals, we become directed by familiar human conditioning, a series of habits, thoughts and actions. When you’re awakening with a clear focus and an alignment of meaningful tasks for the day, small successes eventually compound into the noticeable differences.

  2. See the bigger picture.

    “Look at things different, see the bigger picture;” a lyric from one of my all-time favorite songs, “See you again” by rap artist Wiz Khalifa. When you begin to change the way you look at things, the effect they have on your life changes.

    It can be easy to consider everything that isn’t working as desired when times are dark, but you have strength that can make an impact. There’s also a bigger picture to look at here; you will have countless gifts inside of you for the rest of your life. The gift of choice is a birth right, it’s granted to you each and every day, through the seeds that you sow and harvest.

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    © berc

    The gift of habit and routine, creating gradual momentum, along with those mini fist pump moments. The gift of developing your attitude and philosophy, as an individual, as a friend, as a contributor, to willingly share with the hurting among you.

  3. Appreciate where you’ve arrived.

    The most clearly defined route from defeat begins with gratitude, for the people that you do have in your life, for the person you are today and for the person you can become. Call me crazy, but why not create the daily habit of sitting still and appreciating where you are on the road of life?

    Allowing your mind to gain perspective, take a firm grip on the steering wheel and drive where your heart’s internal compass guides you. I do this every morning without fail; it’s a routine that has allowed me to let go of the boyhood struggle story.

    Times can change when learning new things, so what can you learn from the current situation that will help move you forward? Remembering to always keep gratitude alive, as the place that you can call home and honoring the value that your voice delivers. Ask yourself: “What could I be grateful for in this moment?”

The go-to topic that fuels me with courage and centers me with focus will forever remain as expressions of gratitude. On that note, here is my wish for you. When times get tough and faith begins to waiver:


  • You have three small, positive goals that possess meaning and can help lift you to your feet.

  • You take a step back from the situation and approve of your human potential.

  • You continue to appreciate where you’ve arrived as the starting point of all progress.


This article has been edited and condensed.

James Calder Page is an upcoming author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur based in the UK, South Wales. 

A volunteer with the Prince’s Trust, the UK’s leading youth charity and an Ambassador with Big Ideas Wales, supporting young entrepreneurship, James provides a voice of self belief to those seeking to build self-confidence, overcome the anxiety of limiting fears and follow their dream. Connect with @jamescalderpage on Twitter.


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