10 Gifts To Give Yourself This New Year

The holiday season is a joyous time of year that sends entrepreneurs around the world into a frenzy. If you’re anything like me, every year you've put off...

Photo: Leah Bridge, Owner of The Golden Goose Consulting; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Leah Bridge, Owner of The Golden Goose Consulting; Source: Courtesy Photo

The holiday season is a joyous time of year that sends entrepreneurs around the world into a frenzy. If you’re anything like me, every year you’ve put off more than a little self-care just to keep up with the pace.

In an ideal world we would have unlimited budgets and our friends and relatives would have purchased us that perfect gift.

Yet, in the absence of this perfect world – you get to grab the bull by the horns. No waiting in lines, no hoping and praying someone will give it to you – we’re just a bunch of entrepreneurs, stepping up, stepping out into the arena, empowering ourselves and giving ourselves what we need to succeed.

So, I have created a list of gifts we should be giving ourselves this New Year. Sound good? Let’s dive in!


1. Time Off

Oh my, oh my. When was your last holiday!? I talk to so many entrepreneurs who haven’t had a break in six months or more and they tirelessly work weekends. This is the fast road to startup burnout. Take time off: a staycation, worcation or travel to an exotic destination. Block out time on the calendar. Notify clients. Put projects on autopilot and delegate key tasks. Turn on your autoresponder and go live life!


Photo: © abelena, YFS Magazine
Photo: © abelena, YFS Magazine

2. A Fresh Start

Give yourself permission to start with a clean slate. This mindset is incredibly important for starting a fresh new year! Wipe the mistakes of the past year clean and focus on creating the new. Letting go of the bad leaves space for the good. Try it!


3. New Perspective

Look at life through someone else’s eyes, through someone else’s knowledge and experience. Chat with someone totally out of the box about your business. Learn about their life journey and the things they have learned along the way. Move to a new place. Escape your normal day-to-day routine.


4. Self-Confidence

Learn to back yourself, 1000%. If we truly believe we aren’t good enough then all of our actions as entrepreneurs will reflect those beliefs. Pay very close attention to those inner voices that tell you that you can’t, and show them that you damn well can! Change the inner belief systems! Soon enough you’ll feel all shiny and new.


5. Invest In You

When was the last time you invested in yourself? This might be by hiring a business coach, buying a new book or attending a conference. You are your greatest business asset. You can limit yourself by a lack of knowledge, skill, positive mindset or even energy level! I don’t consider investing in myself a luxury it’s a necessity; one that I have learned to value the longer I have been in business.


Photo: © abelena, YFS Magazine
Photo: © abelena, YFS Magazine


6. A Reward

Celebrate the wins you have had throughout the year with a reward! Start a wish list, create a vision board, or pin your wish list on Pinterest. Record your wins – it’s often easy to look back over the year (particularly if you are in a bad head space) and think that you haven’t had any wins. I’m betting you did! Even if it was something small, a beautiful customer testimonial from a client. Celebrate! You did good!


7. A Plan

For the overwhelmed – those hamsters on a wheel – give yourself a solid plan for the next 12 months. Take time out to work on your business (instead of in it) and change your mindset from daily task focus to more strategic ‘bigger picture’ tasks that actually take you somewhere!


8. Freedom From Opinion

“A lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep” – Unknown.

Cull your opinion circle. Keep it small and full of those who are actually “in the arena” as Dr. Brené Brown would say. Keep you circle close with those who you admire, those who have been in the industry for a decent length of time and those who are doing well for themselves. You don’t need your mother’s opinion on your logo or your best friend’s opinion on how much you spend on a business coach. Keep your circle small and free yourself from the cage of others unnecessary or unsolicited opinions.


9. Passion

It’s not uncommon to be so busy working in your businesses you’re either burnt out or have completely lost your original passion all together. Let yourself dream, think and plan for a life you actually want – otherwise – what’s the point of it all? You have the freedom to choose and we are blessed to live in a country where we have opportunity at our fingertips. Money isn’t everything. Authenticity and fulfillment are priceless. Learn how to make money doing the thing that you love most.


10. Relaxation

This gift is the best gift of all. Take ten slow, deep breaths for me. You can even close your eyes if you want to. Remember a time when you were on the best holiday you’ve ever had. Remember what it felt like not to be stressed, overwhelmed and constantly worried. Now, that is the feeling you need to carry through the new year. Work out what you need to do to keep relaxed! It might include sitting on the beach, regular massages or spa appointments, a run or pilates class – whatever floats your boat – schedule it!


Which of these gifts do you need to give yourself most this New Year? Which would make the biggest impact on your business?


This article has been edited and condensed.

Leah Bridge is owner of The Golden Goose Consulting and Navy Crockett. She is an Australian Brand Coach working alongside entrepreneurs to bundle their magic into a distinct brand that out-sparkles the competition and wins clients they have only ever dreamed of working with. Connect with @thegoldengoose on Twitter.


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