4 Practical Ways To Boost Employee Morale

Here are four techniques to increase employee morale and augment confidence in the workplace.

Employee morale plays an integral role in maintaining productivity and low employee turnover. When your team is happy and motivated, they perform
 better which helps your business grow.

Often you, and those in leadership roles, do not have the time to motivate everyone. When employees are not motivated,
 they produce less, are prone to make more mistakes and your company can suffer financial losses.

Here are four techniques to increase employee morale and augment confidence in the workplace.


1. Recognize individual contribution.

People like it when others recognize their hard work. Thanking someone and congratulating him or her for a job well done makes a person feel good. This is a simple thing and you can take it a step further by:


  • providing employees with awards for outstanding work performance

  • praising key contributions at staff meetings

  • creating a designated employee appreciation day

  • arranging spontaneous luncheons or after work functions to celebrate employees


Appreciation is a fundamental human need
. “The single highest driver of engagement, according to a worldwide study conducted by Towers Watson, is whether or not workers feel their managers are genuinely interested in their wellbeing (HBR.org).” A simple pat on the back can make a person feel really good about his or her role within your company.


2. Treat employees fairly.

No one wants to be treated like a replaceable resource. Treat people like they are humans and a baseline level of respect. Employees are not just numbers; there is a mutually beneficial relationship between a company and its employees ; they depend upon each other.

Furthermore, treating your employees badly can hurt your brand and reputation. Sure, people can be replaced, but good workers are hard to find. Encourage everyone to look after
 one another and and reinforce this value within your company culture.


3. Listen, talk, and engage.

People like to be heard; not to be ignored. Take the time to get to know your team members and find out what motivates them. Listen
 and learn about the challenges they face on the job. Conduct small group meetings and engage in Q&A sessions.

By encouraging employee participation and communication you can create a sense of balance in the office. This helps your team understand the company’s goals and how they can help to achieve them.


4. Implement corporate training and development

Offer high-tech training workshops and keynotes to focus on core competencies your employees need to succeed. Invest in dynamic professional trainers and good motivational speakers that know exactly how to dial up inspiration and engagement. These professional development resources can:


  • Increase employee work performance

  • Build worker confidence

  • Improve the mood in the workplace


For example, a motivational speaker can also help reduce monotony and share fresh insights and an outside perspective to renew inspiration within your company.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Sheza Gary, a NY-based Project Strategist since 2009, has been involved with launching startups and tech companies for 5+ years. Sheza has a keen interest in sharing her own experiences with business plans and upcoming business supporting technologies. She loves public speaking. Connect with @shezagary on Twitter.


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