The Best Kept ‘Secret’ Of Successful Blogpreneurs

It will keep your entrepreneurial eyes from roaming and being misdirected by pursuits that are not beneficial to you. It will keep you focused.

There are thousands of articles published daily on how to achieve success in business. From fancy online coaching programs to affordable products and “proven” hacks, these articles tell you what their authors think you need to know. However, a good majority of them overlook things we all have access to; with or without money.

Consistency in and of itself is a requirement for success in blogging, entrepreneurship and blogpreneurship. Yet if consistency were easy, then more people would do it. And less people would be writing articles to address the absence of it. But the key to consistency is actually very simple.

It all starts with passion.

That’s right. Passion will keep your entrepreneurial eyes from roaming and being misdirected by pursuits that are not beneficial to you. It will keep you focused. Passion will drive you and make you want to show up and work hard daily. Passion will cause you to persevere in the face of opposition.

Passion is an absolute necessity and here’s why:


1. Passion points to purpose.

This type of passion is not for passing fads, entrepreneurial trends, selfish inclinations, or low-value pursuits. Rather, it’s for that nagging, deep down love of a certain thing that’s been with you for years, maybe even decades.


Photo: © Ammentorp, YFS Magazine
Photo: © Ammentorp, YFS Magazine

It’s that thing that, perhaps, has taken various forms over the years, yet has finally begun to mature into an image that you not only recognize, but find your life’s mission in doing it. 

Passion without purpose and vision is pointless. Yet when these three align, you can rest assure that you are headed in the right direction.


2. Passion knocks down creativity barriers.

When you create content to grow the awareness of your brand you should not consistently run into writer’s block. The simple reason is this: passion makes you more zealous about what you have to say.

Sure, you may get stuck in a creative rut on how to convey your message from time to time, but make no mistake, you do have a message. And if you don’t, you may want to revisit the last item and make sure you’re not chasing a short-term fad or selfish inclination that has no real, long-term value for the people you are called to serve.


3. Passion curbs burnout.

It’s hard for a person to cease doing something they’re passionate about. Burnout is loosely defined as a loss of interest, and a loss of interest starts with  a loss of passion. If you know you are on the right path, take some time to recharge and rediscover your passion.

And if you discover you are on the wrong professional path, find the right one which will be discovered through your passion. 

It’s very hard to be consistent when you’re not passionate. This is why many people generally hate their jobs so much. They do it because they have to, not because they want to.

And while a lack of passion is in no way, shape, or form an encouragement to not honour your obligations, if consulted, it can help you to make the right obligations in the future.

Rediscover your passion today!


This article has been edited and condensed.

Desiree M. Mondesir is an author, thought leader, and blogpreneur. She is the hostess of Blogpreneur 101, the hands-on masterclass for all those serious about blogging. Desiree blogs regularly at DesireeMMondesir.com. Connect with @DesireeMondesir on Twitter.


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