3 Simple Hacks To Get Ready In The Morning Faster

Appearances matter, especially when you're sustaining your personal brand. Make an effort to look tidy and smart at all times.

As an entrepreneur, chances are you have innumerable things to do that ensure your business runs smoothly. Add to that the morning scramble, especially if you have a full house, and the personal care and attire becomes less of a priority (especially if you work from home).

The truth is: first impressions matter. Whether you’re going to the bank to request new lending terms, meeting clients, or holding an employee town hall, you want to make each impression count. If you find getting ready in the morning to be more of a chore than a pleasure, don’t miss these quick tips.


1. Buy the right clothes.

If you’re short on cash, buying expensive clothes is not possible. But that’s okay because good clothes don’t have to cost a fortune. The best way to check and see if a garment is well-made is to look for quality by checking seams, buttons, and zippers in addition to the material. Check the fit as well. Clothes that are too loose or too tight will make you look haphazard and frumpy. Get key pieces stitched or altered for best results.

Invest in some basic pieces (e.g., business suits in black, navy, or gray, blazers in neutral colors, a handful of shirts or blouses and trouser separates or formal skirts). Think about Mark Zuckerberg’s uniform-esque closet. You don’t need a ton of clothes. Instead, learn how to mix and match and you’ll never find yourself staring at your closet wondering what to wear.

Also note, shoes are more important than you think. Invest in a good pair of leather shoes. Men can go for wingtips, loafers, longwings, oxfords, or derby shoes, while women can opt for closed-toe heels or low wedges. Make sure you have shoes and belts that match.


2. Save time by staying organized.

Dressing impeccably in a jiffy is not possible if you aren’t organized. Take a day next weekend to ensure all of your clothes, shoes, and accessories are in order so you don’t waste time looking for things.

Create a system so you know when you wore something the last time. Also plan your outfits for the entire week in advance. Before going to bed, lay out clothes for the next day or hang them in order on a clothes hanger. Don’t forget to set aside undergarments, socks, your belt, and other accessories, which can be hung on that same hanger in a plastic bag.

If you bring work back to your home office, pack your laptop, charger and work bag the night before. This ensures that all you need to do on your way out is grab that one bag. Keep your keys, wallet, mobile phone, and other essentials in the same place so you don’t forget anything.


3. Create a grooming routine.

You can’t (or shouldn’t) forgo taking a bath or quick shower each morning. It will make you look fresh and feel ready to take on the day. What’s more, you really can’t hide body odor by spraying on perfume or deodorant (nice try)!

The best kept secrets to a quick morning routine start with the right grooming products. Buy a shampoo that also conditions and a body wash that moisturizes, in lieu of lotion.

Get a haircut (or choose a hairstyle) that is low-maintenance and presentable. Men with scant facial hair should make it a point to shave every day. If you have good facial hair then sport it.

Women with long or unruly hair can save time in the mornings by tying their hair up. Meanwhile, some basic and quick makeup tips can help. If shaving your arms and legs every day is not possible, consider waxing to keep hair growth in check for a couple of weeks.

Furthermore, take care of your finger nails and toenails. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure at least once a month. Remember to take good care of your skin too. Cleanse and moisturize your skin daily, and gently exfoliate weekly. Getting a facial twice a month won’t hurt!


Appearances matter, especially when you’re sustaining your personal brand. Make an effort to look tidy and smart at all times.

With theses useful tips, looking your best each morning is absolutely possible without spending a lot of time getting ready. So focus on these basics and you’re sure to impress everyone you meet!


This article has been edited and condensed.

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