Can You Build A Meaningful Life Without Vision And Purpose?

Vision clarifies purpose. When you know this, life will become simpler and more meaningful.

Photo: Tony Logan is the VP of Liftbridge Publishing; Credit:
Photo: Tony Logan is the VP of Liftbridge Publishing; Credit: Brian Freeman

The million dollar question we all ask ourselves at one time or another is, “Why am I here?”

We are all here for a specific purpose, but what helps move and direct that purpose is vision. You may think, “That’s nice, but what is vision and how does it relate to my purpose?”


How vision clarifies purpose

Vision is defined as the act or power of anticipating which will or may come to be. When we relate this to our purpose, vision gives us direction and the ability to create a glimpse of our life. This empowers us to create goals and make our purpose a reality.

Having a clear vision for your life is important because it helps you understand and define where we want to be in life. In the Bible it says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Vision clarifies purpose. When you know this, life will become simpler and more meaningful. It’s so important to have vison and purpose because it actually controls and informs the decisions we make daily, which in turn creates our lifestyle.


3 ways vision impacts our lives daily

Here’s a look at three significant ways that vision plays a role in our lives and informs our purpose.



Vision chooses our friends

Just like vision chooses our direction in life it also impacts how we choose our friends and the company we keep. People are attracted to and invest time in people who have a disciplined vision. We don’t normally don’t associate with people who don’t know where they are headed in life (not too long at least because it’s time wasted).

And let’s be honest — it is mentally draining and frustrating to be around people who just don’t understand where they want to be or how to get there.

The great thing about having a vision for you life is once you realize your vision you will slowly detach from people who don’t fit your vision and you will align yourself with people who do. No one will be able to fulfil their purpose alone. Your purpose is bigger than you and that’s on purpose!


Photo: YFS Magazine
Photo: YFS Magazine

Purpose will not only benefit and help you, but it will also make room for other people to learn and grow from your purpose and vision as well. So when you hear people say “I’m a self-made millionaire” please don’t be fooled by the propaganda.

No one is a “self-made” millionaire. Anyone who is financially successful has gained wealth due to their ability to communicate their vision and surround themselves with people who were willing to invest in their vision. Your friends should be the same way. They should help you fulfill your purpose and vision by adding to it.


2. Vision informs how we spend our time

How we spend our time is connected to our vision. If your vision is important to you, the time you spend pursuing it will reflect the level of priority. This principal is really that simple, but because it’s so simple we often make it complicated.

For example, if you decide that you want to be an entrepreneur, the time you spend partying might decline. You’ll instead redirect your free time toward the goal of replacing your full-time income with a business that fuels your passion.


Photo: © nenetus, YFS Magazine
Photo: © nenetus, YFS Magazine

The time you spend on anything communicates what you prioritize. It’s no different from any disciplined athlete that we admire in sports. For instance, I admire Michael Jordan for his discipline not his skills because his discipline reflects his skills. This is reflected perfectly by his commitment. “When they said he couldn’t shoot, he routinely shot 1,000 game-speed jumpshots a day.”

Time is the most valuable resource we have because it’s non-renewable; once it is gone . . . it’s gone. Your vision will not allow you to waste time.



Vision creates your habits

Vision does a lot of positive things for us once we realize what we want. Not only does vision impact how we choose our friends and how we spend our time, but it also creates our habits.

Your to-do list is a byproduct of your vision. And over time what you do daily creates your habits. Anyone who has a vison of becoming their own boss will eventually create habits that will prepare them for that vision.


Photo: © Tiramisu Studio, YFS Magazine
Photo: © Tiramisu Studio, YFS Magazine

Habits are things we do daily, most of the time without even thinking about it. But successful people are keenly aware and conscious of their habits. Create habits that bring you into closer alignment with your purpose.


Finding your purpose is not easy. With everyone telling us what we’re good at, how we should live our lives, and what careers we should explore it can be pretty confusing and chaotic at times. But once you find your purpose and create a vision for yourself, life becomes simple and fulfilling.

Discover your purpose and create your vision and watch where life takes you. Just make sure you buckle up and enjoy the ride.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Tony Logan is the VP of Liftbridge Publishing, a publishing company that help people tell their story while offering workshops and networking events. Connect with @tonylogan on Twitter.


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