Shooting Your First Video: The Best Video Marketing Advice You’ll Ever Read

"Nowadays, the play button is becoming 'the most compelling call-to-action on the web.'" Video is taking over social media!

Photo: Tracy Timberlake, Beauty Vlogger & Video Marketing Strategist; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Tracy Timberlake, Beauty Vlogger & Video Marketing Strategist; Source: Courtesy Photo

“Nowadays, the play button is becoming ‘the most compelling call-to-action on the web.'” Video is taking over social media!

As a Beauty Vlogger, I have had the privilege of working with some pretty stellar brands and 300 videos later, I have learned that video works!

Video converts better than any other medium out there according to market research. Here’s what the pro’s know:


  • According to Forbes, 59% of executives would rather watch video than read text. (Forbes)

  • Marketers who use video are growing company revenue 49% faster than those who don’t. (Aberdeen)

  • Using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%. (EyeView)


Video helps you connect with your dream customers in a totally different way by allowing people to see and engage with you (or your business), before they are sold on what you have to offer!

Despite the stats, why are only 24% of brands using online video if it’s a proven, magical marketing tool?

The answer is this: Creating online videos can seem intimidating and costly. Many business owners are self-proclaimed: Camera clueless, terrified of tech, and have no idea where to even begin.

As a video marketing strategist I help coaches, creatives and online entrepreneurs leverage this powerful tool to increase their brand visibility, profitability, and credibility. So, if you’re ready to up-level your video marketing, then here are a four incredible tips to get you started.


1. You only have 8 seconds.

It literally takes eight seconds for someone to decide whether they want to watch your video or click out. Use the first 8 seconds of your online video to engage and entertain with a pre-cursor of your content. Let them know why they are there, what they will learn, and why they should keep watching.


2. The camera is your client.

A common mistake I see when evaluating client videos is that they tend to look at themselves instead of the lens. Understandably so! The viewfinder is right there! However, it will end up looking like you are talking to yourself and not engaging with your audience.

So, before you press record, do a quick check. Make sure you are in frame and the camera is in focus. Once that red light starts blinking do your best to look at the lens. It makes a tremendous difference.


3. Don’t hold back.

If you are creating a YouTube video give them your best stuff! Don’t hold back. For those who are unfamiliar with you, they need to see you as the expert and the go-to-guru in your niche. Your current followers are your tribe and it’s likely that they already hang onto every word you say.

I know sometimes entrepreneurs feel that clients should pay for the good stuff, but believe me this tactic works. Here’s what a viewer thinks when you provide real value: “Wow! If the free stuff is this awesome, I can’t wait to see what the paid stuff is like!”


4. Close with a call to action.

Video is such a wonderful medium for conveying your message, but afterwards you want to give viewers something to do. Send them somewhere, preferably a landing page where they can opt-in to your email list!

If you haven’t gotten that far in your business yet, then ask them to follow you on Twitter or “Like” your Facebook page. Give them the opportunity to continue to build a relationship with you so you can continue to build the know, like and trust factor that all entrepreneurs desire.


5. Bonus.

No camera? No problem! Get started with your smartphone! If a Bentley ad was filmed on an iPhone, then you can shoot some pretty awesome and quality video footage with a few simple tweaks.

Make sure you are in a well-lit area, preferably natural light. Optimize the video for playback by going horizontal, tilt your camera just 90 degrees to the left so that it is ready for playback on all devices. Remember, we watch video on wide screens, so filming that way will make the video look the best.


There you have it!

You are now ready to take on the world and create your own movie magic. Watch how much more real you become to your followers. There is just nothing like seeing someone in living color. Share your message in a whole new way and jump into the video game! See you on the other side of the lens!


This article has been edited and condensed.

Tracy Timberlake is an award winning Beauty Vlogger & Video Marketing Strategist.
 She helps coaches, creatives and online entrepreneurs increase brand visibility, credibility and profitability with power of video! She personally used video to grow her own personal brand to over 22,000 subscribers and 2 million YouTube views. As a result of her YouTube success she has had the privilege of working with brands like L’Oreal, Marc Jacobs, and currently, Cosmopolitan Magazine. Forever the learner she is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership and working on her dissertation in business coaching. She loves her faith, her family, her friends, and her 5 lb morkie, Ziggy.
 Connect with @tracytimberlake
 on Twitter.


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