5 Signs Your Unchecked Ego Is Wrecking Your Business

Ditch the over-charged ego. The best businesses are built on heart and soul, not an insufferable and gigantic ego.

Photo: Sarah Liddle; Credit: Jessica Eisner

Photo: Sarah Liddle; Credit: Jessica Eisner

Since I moved off the grid two years ago I see the world, my friends in business, and myself differently.

 What astounded me the most was discovering the large role that “ego” has played in business, myself included.

Many people mistakenly think that an over-sized ego is a driving force for business. On the contrary, ego is what kills more businesses than you’d ever imagine.

While ego can certainly push you to accomplish and achieve goals, if left unchecked it can be detrimental. Here’s a look at 5 ways you might be a slave to your ego. It’s time to master it.


1. Ego is afraid to ‘let go’.

Ego wants to hold the reins of your business with a firm grip and not let anyone near them, ever. Cause, you’ve got this! Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, suggests that “delegation isn’t about giving away your weaknesses. It’s about being a good leader and knowing when to let go.” An unchecked ego simply won’t allow you to “let go”.


2. Ego prevents you from seizing opportunities.

It’s important to jump on the right opportunities before that ship sails. Think about the early adopters of Snapchat, Periscope, or even Instagram; they have an incredible advantage over those that joined a year or two later. Your ego wants you to remain complacent. It thinks what you’ve got now is “good enough”. Sure! It most likely is good, but don’t you want your business to blossom on an even bigger scale?



3. Ego loves the instant gratification of “Facebook” fame.

Maybe Facebook is not your social drug of choice, perhaps Instagram is where you’ve set your sights. Either way, ego feels a need to attain social media stardom on one social platform.

While there is nothing wrong with building an audience on one platform, you’re missing out on greater success. Think about entrepreneurs you admire that are killing it … truly killing it. They’ve invested themselves in becoming famous beyond one social media platform.


4. Ego says health and wellness isn’t a priority.

Ego says “Go ahead! Eat cake and drink copious amounts of coffee day-in-and-day-out while you’re building your empire!” The smart entrepreneur aims to live a healthy lifestyle, because your business doesn’t thrive if you don’t feel great. Make fitness a priority, stay accountable with fitness apps, and get up off your seat, take a walk and eat healthier.

 Healthy living has surprising benefits.


5. Ego ties your identity to circumstances.

Your most recent accomplishment has you on a major emotional high and then nothing happens for weeks and months. Maybe your launch was a flop as well, so your ego says “you’re worthless, give up now!”



Your ego loves plunging you into high speed emotional rollercoasters, that’s how it survives. Instead, be happy regardless of your circumstances. After all, you get to do something you love, which is not something many people can say.


Ditch the over-sized ego. The best businesses are built on heart and soul, not an insufferable and gigantic ego. 

This is where you’ll find the unwavering peace of mind you’ve been searching for.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Sarah Liddle is a life coach trainer. She lives off the grid in an eco friendly house-bus/ haybale house with her partner and son. She is a coach trainer at Coach School and a mentor. Sarah is under 30 years old and has risen from humble beginnings in New Zealand to create an international six figure business. Connect with @thesarahliddle on Twitter.


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