Create Click-Worthy Content By Avoiding These 3 Mistakes

Take a look at your latest content you've created to market your business. Have you made any of these content marketing mistakes? 

If so, now is the time...

Photo: Jessica Rodriguez; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Jessica Rodriguez; Source: Courtesy Photo

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Content is king!” a hundred times since you’ve been in business. 

And if not, you’ve officially been warned.

It’s one of the most used adages in the online marketing world – and for good reason.

Creating powerful content, that meets the needs of those you are meant to serve, allows you to not only provide value, but also develop authority within your niche.

But what happens when you are putting in the work and the response is lackluster, at best?

The scenario looks something like this …

E-mail open rates are low. 
Your company blog pageviews are down and unremarkable. 
Social engagement is non-existent. In fact, you’re convinced that your content is being pulled into some Internet black hole … unreachable by everyone.



It’s not just the content that’s king. It’s the right content that’s king. Here are three mistakes that can keep you from maximizing your content marketing efforts.


Mistake #1: Creating content without your ideal client in mind.

Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of writing what they are most excited about currently. Maybe it’s a new app. Or maybe it’s a completely new way of doing business.

They jump on their soapbox and start yelling from the rooftops about the latest and greatest thing they have learned and those reading it have no idea how to react. In fact, they have no idea what they’re even talking about or why they are sharing it.

Whenever you create content your ideal clients always come first. What is their immediate need? What could they benefit from learning? Your ideal client’s needs are not the same as yours. Always speak to them to address where they are at this very moment.


Mistake #2: Losing sight of your strengths.

Would you trust your family doctor to perform laser eye surgery? Of course not. It’s not her strength and you would know that right away. 

People reading your content are the same.

If you create content based on a topic that isn’t within your skill set and unique value proposition, your ideal clients will not only feel that, but they’ll be turned off by it too.

What are the top three benefits that your business provides to clients? These are the three categories that should become the foundation for all of your content. 

When you create content based on your strengths, you attract a more targeted audience who you can actually serve well. Those you can serve the most (and well) are the ones that also convert into future clients.


3. Mistake #3: Not listening to what people are already telling you.

The easiest way to create addictive content is to simply listen and take notes. People will tell you exactly what they need by the questions they ask, survey responses or group posts.

In my free Facebook community, #daydreamachievers Mastermind, I am always listening to what is being said in order to better serve my audience.

What questions are you always being asked about in business? Keep a journal or online notepad and make note taking a habit. This simple step will allow you to serve your audience in the best way possible – giving them precisely what they’ve asked for.

As an added bonus, if you are feeling writer’s block, you now have an entire database of topics to choose from to get your creativity juices flowing again.


Take a look at the latest content you’ve created to market your business. Have you made any of these content marketing mistakes? 

If so, now is the time to change course.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Jessica Rodriguez is a Business Success + Visibility Strategist for driven female entrepreneurs who are looking to maximize their time in order to increase their income and impact in their online business. Through her one on one strategy sessions and self-study online programs, she helps women break free of the 9-5 life and instead, live out the life and business that fully utilizes their unique passions and strengths. Learn more at thedaydreamachiever.com. Connect with @jess_ddachiever on Twitter.


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