The Best Email Marketing Can Be Summed Up In One Word

Put the right energy behind your content creation and it will serve you well.

As a certified inbound marketing specialist I could certainly overwhelm you with geek talk on lead generation, lead nurturing, etc. But I won’t because behind all of the fancy terminology and jargon that is often used to impress clients and define email marketing can be summed up in one word:



1. Respect your subscribers’ inbox.

Just because they signed up to get your freebie doesn’t mean you’ve earned your place in their inbox. 

Besides making good on your promise and sending the freebie, don’t forget to set an expectation on what they’ll get from you going forward – and deliver on it.

What type of content can they expect and how often? How’s your content valuable and relevant to them? Every email you send is a way to make good on that promise – you build more loyalty by delivering value.


2. Respect your subscribers’ attention capacity.

If subscribers give you the time of the day to read, watch or listen to you, then thank them for that! There are dozens of things they could be doing, but they choose to engage with you.

Don’t waste their time by delivering regurgitated content. Don’t insult their intelligence with canned copy.

 Don’t make more noise. Don’t churn out content just because you were told to send a newsletter every 3.5 days.


Photo: © Photographee.eu, YFS Magazine
Photo: © Photographee.eu, YFS Magazine

Make it easy for subscribers to consume your content – don’t serve up a wall of text. Don’t stroke your ego by creating content so dense that it makes you feel smart, but leaves your readers with a headache.

Understand why they come to you. Focus on how your strengths, superpowers and POV can create unique value. Make their time spent with you worthwhile.


3. Respect your relationship with subscribers.

This is simply a more human way to say “lead nurturing”. 

If your subscribers don’t like and trust you, they won’t open your email and eventually they will unsubscribe.

Be consistent with your communications. Not only is utter silence no fun, but your deliverability will suffer. 

Imagine you just met someone in real life … wouldn’t it be nice to spend a few minutes to get to know each other? Wouldn’t you trust that person a tad bit more if you knew something personal about them?

You may have an drip email campaign or autoresponder set up – good for you. But wait!

Are you blindly leading them through a series of templates because you were told to, or are you genuinely interest in building a relationship with your audience?

Are you delivering an experience that ties your lead magnet, email campaign, brand personality and website experience into a cohesive journey?

If not, an incongruent experience can squander the trust you’ve built up. Instead, following up with a quick personal introduction can build rapport that leads to a long and fruitful relationship.


4. Respect your message.

Your message is unique, so don’t dilute it out of fear. Don’t minimize your message because you think you have to sound a certain way.

Don’t conform to other people’s notion of what your email should look and sound like at the expense of how you honestly share who you are and what you stand for.


Photo: © Fxquadro, YFS Magazine
Photo: © Fxquadro, YFS Magazine

Expressing your unique perspective and POV builds trust. Using purposeful storytelling and responsible vulnerability makes you relatable and powerful.

When you communicate directly and honestly you cut through the clutter and build the kind of thought leadership that accelerates trust and credibility.


5. Respect the act of communication.

If don’t enjoy creating content that communicates with your audience it will show. Put the right energy behind your content creation and it will serve you well.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Ling Wong is an Intuitive Brainiac | Copywriting Alchemist. Through her unique blend of business and marketing coaching with a mindset and psychic twist, she helps the maverick-preneurs uncover, articulate and transform their why into content that connects, resonates and converts – by way of her intuitive yet rigorous iterative process born out of her Harvard Design School training and 10 years of experience in the online marketing industry.

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