Do You Really Know Your Customers And What They Want?

When you're creating content for your business keep the following tips in mind.

Photo: Meaghan Stevenson; Credit:
 Danika Stevenson
Photo: Meaghan Stevenson; Credit:
 Danika Stevenson

Content marketing work wonders for businesses. Among the numerous benefits creating and distributing content can boost traffic, customer acquisition, increase conversions, build brand awareness and more.

Content marketing is a form of permission based marketing where you can deliver anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them.

Every business owner should have a content strategy in place; especially if the goal is to grow brand awareness and compete with larger and more established businesses.


Identify relevant industry trends

Identify what is trending in your industry and start creating content based on those trends. Releasing content that just is to be released for no reason other than you feel the need to create content. Wrong!


Ditch the stress of content creation

Create a content editorial calendar and stay on track with task-based apps like Trello and Asana. This will relieve the stress and chaos of scrambling to create content at the last minute.  My mentor always says, “if it’s not scheduled it’s not happening!”

And before you get started, answer these questions:


  • What is my target audience (i.e. ideal customer) searching for?

  • What problem can my content solve?

  • What type of content is my competition creating and overlooking?

What messages will encourage our audience to take action and share it?


While content marketing is an activity that can get customers into your sales funnel, sometimes content can do the selling for you, and other times it helps aid in various conversion goals.

When you’re creating content for your business keep the following tips in mind.


Value first!

Who cares?! Before you start typing madly on a keyboard think about your ideal customer. If your audience doesn’t need it, don’t waste your time! An important content marketing tactic is using long tail keywords or verbiage they would be searching for online.


Photo: YFS Magazine
Photo: © GaudiLab, YFS Magazine

Your content is dead to search engines and your prospective customers if it’s not useful. Weave your brand message into every single piece of content you create. Every platform you distribute your content to should align with your style, voice and tone … the key is consitency.

The best way to kill audience interest is to use many different visuals, styles and tones throughout your content and outreach strategy.


Be steady and findable

Your audience — no matter where they find you and what they’re viewing — should feel the same vibe from your content. Learn where your audience hangout and use the best channels to distribute your content (and I don’t mean post a link on Twitter and hope for the best).

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Focus on marketing channels and platforms that reach your audience.


Photo: © UBER IMAGES, YFS Magazine
Photo: © UBER IMAGES, YFS Magazine

Along with content creation and distribution you can’t forget about SEO. Think of it this way , SEO is a match maker for your business. If you create valuable content, SEO will help the right audience find it. To have the best of both worlds, create evergreen content that is relevant today and a year from now.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Meaghan Stevenson is a Business Strategist, helping new coaches and entrepreneurs believe in themselves enough to share their story. Her mission is to bring clients clarity and bridge the bap between a fantastic brand story and marketing. Connect with @meagsts on Twitter.


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