For Life Coaches, Travel Expands Your Business — Here’s How

It really does not matter where you plan to travel to; these experiences will support the growth, personally and professionally.

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When you think of traveling you probably imagine yourself relaxing on the beach, trekking through an exotic nature trail, or exploring cobblestone streets and quaint cafes.

But did you ever think that travel could be the cornerstone to expanding and building your business? In fact, travel makes you a better entrepreneur.

As a life coach, regardless of your niche, you have the power to expand your business or keep it small. Yet it’s imperative that you embody and become the brand and message you are communicating.

What you do personally, outside of business, is a determining factor as to whether your business grows and thrives.


Selling (and living) the dream

When you travel and live a freedom-pleasure-drenched lifestyle you spark curiosity and intrigue. People want to know how you created such a coveted lifestyle.

This piqued interest can lead new prospects directly to your business … and your offerings don’t even have to relate to travel. The way you live your life leads people to your front door (i.e. website), which makes selling easier.


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Your personal travel experiences can give ideal clients a behind the scenes look at the freedom and adventure associated with being a life coach. Whether you venture around the world for a year or take a month to work from European coffee houses, those attracted to your lifestyle will pay attention, and ultimately, your services are more desirable because you are living what you sell.

Here’s a look at 4 tips to get started:


1. Create more lifestyle content

Create intriguing content as you trek the globe. For example, blog posts and videos can reveal an inside look at locations you visit. Be sure to add a call to action to each piece of content that prompts readers to take a next step (i.e. newsletter landing page, etc.) This can act as a natural funnel to build your list and convert new clients.


2. ‘Show up’ in the world

Show up in the way you want your clients to show up. Clients only grow if you are growing. Clients only break through if you are developing in areas of your life, too. Be the ideal client you want to show up on your door. This means you’ll have to step outside of your comfort zone regularly. Traveling is a huge step out into the world.


3. First build yourself, then your business

Building your business externally starts with you, internally. Making space for your own personal growth inevitably opens the flow of business to come to you. If you have a packed schedule and stay “busy” working in your business 24/7 it may sustain itself, but it will not grow. Show your ideal clients that you can prioritize work and play through your travel.


4. Grow your network (and your list)

When you grow a larger network, you are also creating more opportunities for your business. Consider how many new people you meet may be interested in your products and services. When you travel be sure to have your business card ready with a direct link to key conversion pages on your website (e.g., newsletter opt-in page, etc.).

You never know, the next person you unexpectedly share a cappuccino with in Australia could be your next big client! (I actually met a current client in a Starbucks in Chiang Mai, Thailand.)


Pack your bags, grow your business

By traveling around the globe and connecting with new people you expand your connections. Naturally, your increased reach builds your business faster.

It really does not matter where you plan to travel to; these experiences will support the growth, personally and professionally. Success happens when preparation meets opportunity. When you travel opportunities abound.

As a life coach, when you expand your life experiences your business and income will naturally follow. 

So the real question is, where will your next trip take you?


This article has been edited and condensed.

Malaine Lea, owner of Malaine Lea Inc., is a lifestyle architect and spiritual guide. Malaine has dedicated her life’s work to creating a world in which an individuals’ connection to the Divine allows us healing, compassion and love of self in order to recognize one-ness with each other and radically increase peace and love in the world. She has been featured in Inspired Coach Magazine, Goddess on the Go Events, Sustainable Success Lounge, and Elephant Journal. Connect with @MalaineLeaGrace on Twitter.


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