5 Signs Your Business Technology Needs An Upgrade

Better tech isn’t a waste of money – it will help you keep your edge. Great technology can help you fill the gaps and accomplish more with less...

Is your business dependent on technology? For most entrepreneurs, the answer is yes. However, if you feel like you can make do with what you have, you run the risk of limiting yourself and your business.

It might be time to upgrade your business technology if you run across any of these five scenarios.


1. Your tech was sitting around in your garage

You needed a printer, so you went out to your garage (attic or basement) and pulled out the big clunky gray one you purchased years ago. It still works, after all. The only problem with relying on old technology that “still works” is that it’s nowhere near as efficient as modern technology.

For example, older printers go through ink cartridges like they grow on trees. Scanners and copiers from a decade ago siphon electricity faster than you realize. Investing in better technology will save you money in the long run.


2. You’re working around quirks

Despite what you may believe, your laptop probably isn’t fine if it gets a little too warm after a few hours. This is a sign that it can’t adequately cool itself, and it might be on its way out.

You’ll regret working around those quirks when you wake up one morning to find that your laptop won’t turn on anymore. Quirks aren’t part of your technology’s virtual personality – they’re a sign that something is wrong. Small unchecked problems can potentially lead to disaster if you don’t upgrade before the problem gets worse.


3. You have to save files often

If you’re constantly saving your work in an attempt to outrun the “this program has closed unexpectedly” prompt, or even worse, your computer crashing and restarting on its own, how much work are you actually able to get done?

You can’t afford for your computer to crash if you rely on it for daily business operations. This can be a signal that your old hardware isn’t compatible with new software. A computer is its hardware, and hardware eventually becomes obsolete.

Instead of having to explain to a client why you were randomly offline in the middle of an important Skype call, purchase a computer that will let you stick around for the whole thing.


4. You have nostalgic memories about it

The average life of a computer is approximately 5 years. Some home computers that receive light use may live past this date, but a business computer has its work cut out for it.

You should plan to purchase new business technology every 5 years, unless something comes up before then that requires an update or overhaul. Don’t wait around and try to squeeze a few more years out of an old machine – doing so can prevent you from utilizing the innovations you need to power your small business.


5. You’re stuck doing things the old-fashioned way

Everyone else is growing faster. Other entrepreneurs are providing their clients with better solutions, and working from remote destinations. They’re accepting payments via tablet devices when they meet with clients in person. But you’re still stuck doing things the old fashioned way. The latest business technology can help you remain competitive.


Better tech isn’t a waste of money – it will help you keep your edge. Great technology can help you fill the gaps and accomplish more with less people.


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