10 Easy Tips To Improve Your Website And Convert More Leads

Ready to attract leads that convert into sales? Try these 10 simple techniques to drive more conversions and boost the effectiveness of your website.

Are you ready to increase online sales from your ideal customers?  If so, you need to attract leads that convert into sales. And this starts with an effective marketing plan.

Every strong digital marketing plan includes effective marketing channels — and a lead generating website is a high priority. In fact, as Kissmetrics explains, “you’ve likely invested a great deal into making sure your website does the best possible job it can do at converting prospects into customers.”

So it’s important to “[f]ind out where prospects are slipping through the cracks. What’s causing friction and preventing them from taking action? What’s making them question taking that first step? The more barriers you can remove, the more seamless their experience with you will be.”

Here’s a look at 10 simple techniques to drive more lead conversions and boost the effectiveness of your website.


1. Goal/objective

Keep the end goal in mind. Determine which actions you want a customer to take in the lead conversion process. This may be a callback, newsletter subscription, form completion, purchase, etc.


2. Toll-free number

Consumers look for websites they can trust. Even if you prefer to conduct customer service via other channels (i.e. live chat, social media, support tickets, email, etc.) an actual toll-free contact number invokes credibility. As Grasshopper.com suggests, “Having a toll free number gives your business credibility and enhances your company’s image.  You could be working out of your basement and no one would know.” Some customers might not even call, but the option does provide a sense of comfort.


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3. Lead generation

Every web page should be designed to prompt a specific action. If lead generation is a key goal/objective then post a lead generation form on every page of the website. “Having easy access to the actual lead generation form is paramount to increasing the number of viable leads through your website.”

Furthermore, “The less information [you] ask for, particularly on the first step, the more likely people will be to part with their valuable personal details.” Prompt visitors to take action with compelling CTA headings like “Get your free quote” or “Get a free widget”.


4. Customer testimonials

Display testimonials to build trust with people who visit your website. Customer testimonials are powerful tools. Third-party reviews can boost your credibility and trust instantly.


5. Online videos

Turn your videos into lead generation opportunities. For example, “The simplest way to capture prospects’ contact information is to set up an email gate. Asking viewers to enter their email address before gaining access to a video allows you to create a new lead as soon as a prospect expresses interest.”

According to a survey of 600 marketers, “84% are using video for website marketing, 70% are optimizing video for search engines and 82% confirmed that video had a positive impact on their business.” When done right, online videos can bring in more sales.


6. Trust seal

Trust seals increase conversions. Some people are still not completely comfortable shopping online. A trust seal convinces potential customers that the checkout process is safe and secure.


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Trust seals like “Paypal Verified”, “Google Trusted Store”, “BBB Accredited Business” etc. provide an implied guarantee that the information shared with you business will be safe ands secure.


7. Power phrases

Review your website content and copy and ensure you’re using action verbs and power words. For example, the 5 most persuasive words in the English language are: You, Free, Because, Instantly, and New.

Power words create a positive impression on consumers. Also, using active words like Get, Have and Grab are more compelling than “Imagine having…” and other passive phrases. Review each web page and ensure persuasive power words are evenly distributed in the content. Need ideas? Use this list as a guide.


8. Effective design

Design plays a crucial role when it comes to your business website. You can review ready-made templates online, but they are not always ideal for businesses that prioritize lead generation. Ensure your company website is unique. Seek the help of a web designer or firm that can design a customized template to caters to your business needs.

“Elements such as layout, consistency, typography, color and style all affect how users perceive your website and what kind of image you project,” according to Smashing Magazine. “Your website should project not only a good image but also the right one for your audience.”


9. Whitespace

Optimal use of whitespace is essential for usability and readability. This empty space gives a web page some breathing room and makes it easy on the eyes for readers. A cluttered website is distracting and it will shift the focus away from lead conversions.


10. Metrics and testing

How will you know if something is working unless you measure it? Analytics, measurement and testing are important if you aim to generate more leads from your website. The goal is to understand what works in real time. Analytics will also hiply create best practices so you can do more of what actually works.


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