How To Vet And Hire An Expert iOS Developer

Hiring an expert iOS app developer is rather a big deal. Not every developer can cut it. Here are five things to keep in mind.

It goes without saying, mobile app development is a long-term project. Hiring a professional iOS app developer is rather a big deal too. Not every developer can cut it. A standard interview will not uncover all of the skills and traits you’ll need to acquire. Not to mention, most coders are quite introverted.

So, before you hire an app developer, diligently research the basics of mobile app development. Meanwhile, keep these 5 major things in mind before you vet and hire an iOS app developer.


How to hire an iOS app developer


1. Examine their mobile app portfolio

First and foremost, you want to see the actual work of the developer; the apps they have built. Their mobile app portfolio will tell you much more than a one-on-one interview. Consider those you can find in the App Store, as well as apps  that aren’t readily available in the marketplace.


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Read the app reviews and download a couple of apps to your phone. Check for similar features that you’ll want to implement in your app. For example, evaluate how well the app runs, which features stand out, overall usability and user experince, etc.

Request a list of past and current clients. Ask for references and feel free to contact these people and companies to get feedback. Key questions to ask include:


  • What is your general impression about their communication and accountability during the project?

  • Did you experience any difficulties or problems during or after the app release?

  • How would you rate their problem solving skills?


2. Check for app monetization interest and skill

Before you hire a mobile app developer, make sure they are up-to-date on the business side of their craft. You need a good product and one that is built to deliver profits. Select an iOS app developer who is readily interested, involved and skilled in app monetization.


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While you may hold the key to the business model and objectives, remember: app monetization strategies should be chosen and built into your app before you launch it in the app store. “You can always iterate on these strategies as time passes or even change them completely, but approach mobile with the dual mindset of building an awesome app and an eventual business.”


3. Clarify communication expectations

Communication is essential when it comes to mobile app development. It’s a collaborative process. Review the scope and what you expect in terms of regular, clear and effective communication.

Depending on your location and time zone, set an agenda and schedule for Skype and phone meetings. If you plan to use collaboration and project management software, make sure your iOS developer knows what updates you need and when. This will ensure your feedback and changes are implemented on time to prevent launch delays.


4. Review app development scope (workflow and deadlines)

Before you hire an iPhone app developer, clarify if they will work on a waterfall or agile approach. These project management approaches vary. A waterfall software development approach is linear; a project is broken up into distinct stages that must be completed in sequence.


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In comparison, agile development doesn’t require all of the planning upfront. It focuses on being lean, and producing minimum viable products (MVPs) over set periods of time and to improve the app with each iteration. The mutually agreed approach will influence everything from planning, meetings, payment plans, etc.

Also, make sure your iOS developer can wrap up the project within your time frame; a deadline associated with milestones. You can also tie each stage of the scope to payment; which will also ensure accountability; saving you a lot of nerves, time and money.


5. Agree on a mobile app development fee

Since mobile app development is a big investment, you’ll need to settle on the cost of the project. To calculate the fee, request the hourly rate of a developer you are considering. 
Meanwhile, clarify each line-item in the price so you’ll know what is included and what may cost extra.

For example, is testing and ongoing support included? What variables will affect the price? Does the iOS developer require a pre-payment percentage?

Every aspect should be clear from the very beginning.


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