IT Entrepreneurs: How To Prepare For The Microsoft MTA 98-349 Exam

Entrepreneurs and business professionals in the IT industry face unique challenges. One way to overcome them is to stand out and build credibility and brand authority through certification,...

Entrepreneurs and business professionals in the IT industry face unique challenges. One way to overcome them is to stand out and build credibility and brand authority through certification, particularly Microsoft certification.


Benefits of Microsoft 98-349 certification

Android has become the most popular operating system on smartphones, while iOS is more common on tablets. Meanwhile, most desktop and laptop computers still use Microsoft Windows.

As a result, many companies use the Windows operating system that comes standard with their computer. This has sustained the market for IT companies and technicians who are skilled in Windows operating system management and maintenance.

In order to set yourself apart, certification is essential. The Microsoft 98-349 Exam, for example, ensures you are well versed in Windows operating system fundamentals.

Microsoft Certified Professional exams test and measure your ability to accomplish certain technical tasks. The value of IT certifications are undeniable, as it offers business benefits, alongside a guaranteed level of proficiency.

Passing this exam grants access into the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) community. Not only can you grow in this community and pursue higher certification, but as an MCP you can benefit from enhanced confidence of clients and perceived professionalism.


How does your experience stack up?

Prior working knowledge in a Windows 10 environment can contribute to your ability to ace this exam. The Microsoft 98-349 exam will test your skills in the following areas:


Understanding operating system configurations

This section of the exam contributes between 15-20% of your total score. You will be tested on your ability to configure the control panel options, desktop settings, mobility setting, applications, and tools. You will also be tested on your ability to use and configure management tools.


Installation and upgrades of client systems

You will be tested on your knowledge of the Windows operating system editions and the appropriate types of devices. Identification of upgrade paths, installation types and operating system architecture will also be tested. This contributes about 15-20% of your total score.


Application management

This section of the exam will test your ability to configure applications, user account control, antivirus settings and how you understand service accounts and dependencies. This section also covers 15-20% of the exam.


Management of files and folders

When you decide to take this exam, you need to have a clear understanding of file systems, encryptions, libraries and how to configure file and print sharing. Expect this section to constitute 15-20% of your score.


Device management

This section of the exam will test your knowledge of devices and how to configure them to work optimally. You will also need to understand properties of storage and printing devices as well as system devices like audio and video.


Passing the Microsoft 98-349 exam

Before registering for the exam, a common concern is locating local exam centers and entertaining the idea of taking the exam remotely. In some cases you can take an online proctored exam.

Do your research and gather reading material online. You can obtain valuable research online through platforms like Examsnap.com, that will help you determine what to expect for your first exam.

You can also take free Microsoft 98-349 practice tests easily found on different sites. For example, the CBT Nuggets 1 week free trial is helpful along with watching online videos that cover the exam. The Certiport exam guide is another helpful resource.


Final thoughts

Certifications are a marketplace signal of skill, quality and point to a worthwhile investment. With no signs of slowing down, IT certifications like this one present the perfect opportunity to take advantage of their benefits.

Microsoft will continues to update the Windows operating system and the same goes for the exam. Remember the purpose of this exam is to test your knowledge. It’s a good idea to test your knowledge and see if you can confidently tackle issues the exam covers and ensure your ready to meet the demands of a fast-paced IT environment.


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