These Online Certificates Will Take Your Business From Good To Great

Propel your business in key operational areas of leadership, business and marketing with online certificates from Open Campus.

Your business is good, but it can be great. According to John Dewey, a co-founder of The New School and influential educational reformer, “Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.” If your goal is greatness, you’ll need unprecedented access to push the boundaries of your knowledge and creativity.


The benefits of online certificates are endless

In today’s market, successful entrepreneurs recognize the need to set themselves apart. Whether you want to acquire new skills, meet real-time market needs, or build your industry reputation, you’ll want to tap into the value of continuing and professional education.

If you’re ready to gain an edge, you’ll need a dedicated partner that can do the heavy lifting and deliver access to expert practitioners. Open Campus at The New School, for example, offers world-class continuing and professional education courses that attract dynamic and progressive thinkers and creators.


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Propel your business in key operational areas of leadership, business and marketing with online certificates from Open Campus, which are designed specifically for leaders like you.

The benefits of online certificates for entrepreneurs are clear:


  • Acquire new skills. Do you have a good general knowledge of the main functional areas of your business? Perhaps you don’t know everything you need to do to make your business successful? Leading entrepreneurs recognize the importance of honing their skills. However, the key is to build entrepreneurial skills that matter. A faculty of leading practitioners in their fields, committed to innovation in higher education, can help you get there.
  • Meet real-time market needs. In today’s business environment, your ability to sustain growth and profitability is never a guarantee. Technological advances shorten product and service life cycles, business models evolve and new competitors are always on the horizon. Continued market instability makes it necessary to seek new opportunities. But how do you identify market opportunities in these conditions? Learning from world-class practitioners with multidimensional approaches can help you break through conventional thinking and boundaries that are holding you back.
  • Build credibility and your reputation. New business initiatives start with convincing potential clients you have the resources, knowledge and tools to solve their problems. It doesn’t matter where your business stands at this moment; an online certificate will always look good to ideal clients. It will show clients you’re committed to learning and your willingness to invest in your business builds inherent trust and credibility.


Transform your business with Open Campus at The New School

If you’re ready to give your business a leg-up, here’s an inside look at two innovative non-credit online certificates designed to give you real-time, actionable results. The certificates listed below are flexible with your schedule and can be completed within a few semesters.


Digital Marketing – Online Certificate

It’s time to grow your brand’s relevance. Digital skills are vital in today’s technology-driven global economy. A digital marketing certificate can help you develop fresh digital strategies to move your business forward.

A 2018 Digital Trends report by Econsultancy and Adobe confirms: “73% of respondents agree that their companies are ‘combining digital marketing skills with technology.’ Companies doing this are nearly twice as likely to have surpassed their 2017 business goals by a significant margin (20% vs. 11%).” Get started with your Digital Marketing online certificate today.


Design Leadership for Business – Online Certificate with Parsons

Innovate and create with a design-led brand. If you want to digitally transform your business, a design leadership for business certificate is the right move. Design is starting to gain greater influence over business strategy. In fact, design-led brands (e.g. Apple, Airbnb, Nike, etc.) lead the pack and outperform their competitors.

Design has endless application in the business world which means entrepreneurs must better understand the thinking that underpins it. This certificate will equip you to lead innovation and implement creative strategies. If you’re ready to inspire new thinking and develop breakthrough ideas this course of study is for you. Get started with a Design Leadership for Business certificate today.


Lead, create and innovate

Online certificates are more convenient and cost-effective than their counterparts in traditional education. While learning to be a great entrepreneur and build a lasting brand takes time, you can shorten your learning curve by the way you lead, manage, create and innovate. Get started with Open Campus at The New School and explore their future-forward certificate programs today.


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