Pure Barre Franchisee Says Hire These 3 Personality Types For Your Member-Based Business

When you employ The Natural, The Friend and The Achiever to take care of your membership base, your business wins. Here’s why.

Photo: Carolyn Hern, Pure Barre Franchise Owner; Source: Courtesy Photo

Not gonna lie, owning a business with a membership-based model is pretty stellar. Having reliable, predictable revenue coming in each month gives any business owner a lot of confidence.

This predictability allows you to have more insight when planning a budget. You’ll know when to reinvest money back into the business. And you’ll have more confidence about when it might be possible to give your hard-working employees a bump in pay—or yourself a bonus. A business with a membership-based model has a lot of options that a business relying on one-off sales simply does not.

There are, however, some unique considerations when you consider hiring a team to help you run a membership-based business. You can’t rely on one type of salesperson to take care of your members or clients.

Since clients may visit your business multiple times each week or even every day, it’s important to match your employees’ personalities with those of your diverse group of members to provide excellent service. And this excellent service keeps your clients coming back for more.


3 Types of Employees To Hire For Your Membership-Based Business

When you employ The Natural, The Friend and The Achiever to take care of your membership base, your business wins. Here’s why:

The Natural

We all know someone who could sell ice to an Eskimo or a ketchup popsicle to a woman wearing white on a 90-degree day—basically, a sales natural.

When you walk into a place of business and you are greeted by The Natural, you feel welcome and at home. Everything is easy. They’re easy to talk to and you feel comfortable. So comfortable in fact, that you can’t help but find something to buy.


Whether it’s a product or service, you are excited about your purchase. Maybe you frequent the business more often or start spending more time there because The Natural is so friendly. Hell, you might even become friends!

And it’s obvious why having The Natural around benefits a membership-based business model. You can always count on The Natural to win the trust of your clients and make the sale, over and over again.


The Friend

But not all clients respond to The Natural. In fact, many prefer the quieter demeanor of The Friend. You know… someone who is just so nice, you can’t help but want to be around them. The Friend might not be as out-there or gregarious as The Natural, but hiring The Friend to serve your clients is critical.

The Friend is honest. The Friend is trustworthy. The Friend would never push you into making a bad purchase—they’re looking out for you. And that’s why many of your clients prefer to be helped by The Friend.


Make no mistake, The Friend, can make the sale. But, The Friend is more concerned with ensuring your clients get genuine help and honesty when contemplating a purchase.


The Achiever

Every business needs The Achiever—the ringer! You know, it’s 5:00 PM and unfortunately, you had to make a big return… um, we need to make something happen in the next 2 hours otherwise we don’t make our daily sales goal… or we’re shy of our monthly goal and it’s the 30th.

Ah! Who do you task with saving the day and making it happen—that’s right, The Achiever!


When presented with a seemingly impossible challenge, The Achiever, finds a laser-like focus and gets it done. The Achiever is highly motivated by challenges, SPIFS, a bonus, or even recognition of being the best. You need to hire The Achiever because there will be a time when you need someone to rise to the occasion and save the day.


Hire the right personality types for your business

Fortunately for me and my membership-based business, I’ve managed to hire several Naturals, Friends and even a few Achievers (besides me). It’s worth noting that The Natural and The Friend could also turn into The Achiever under the right circumstances—the personalities do have some crossover.

If you own a business with a membership-based model, take a look at all your employees. Do you have a good mix of the three personalities to match your diverse membership base? If not, make an effort to incorporate some ways to identify either The Natural, The Friend or The Achiever in your next round of interviews.


Carolyn Hern is a small business owner of two Pure Barre franchises located in Winston-Salem and Clemmons, NC. Pure Barre is a unique workout which provides exceptional results by utilizing the ballet barre and isometric movements. Carolyn is passionate about her business and developing her team and shares her experiences in the business of fitness on her blog at She’s On Her Toes as well as her first book, She’s On Her Toes: How I Started a Business, Expanded It, Almost Lost It, and Got Back on my Toes. Connect with @shesonhertoes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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