5 Ways To Attract Abundance And Your Dream High-Profile Clients

The better you become, the better you attract. Here's how to do the work necessary to show up in the world and serve your ideal clients.

Lydia Killion-Irving
Lydia Killion-Irving, UK-based Mindset Coach | Source: Courtesy Photo

For many entrepreneurs the market seems to be flooded with methods and courses on how to attract paying clients. While I agree that building an email list, for example, is significant for growth, I don’t believe there’s only one way to attract your dream clients.

I remember what it was like when I first started my coaching business a few years ago. I was full of inspiration and ideas on how I was going to change the world. I couldn’t wait to get started. I pulled out all the stops: Facebook ads, opt-in freebies, and five live streams a week on my business page. Nobody could argue that I didn’t take the right action.

All of that hard work helped me land my first client. I went out that night to celebrate. I remember thinking “This is it! All of my dreams are coming true!”

However, the excitement vanished after a couple of days when everything suddenly felt remarkably hard again. I was so frustrated because I had spent months journaling about my dream coaching business, visualizing it and speaking it into existence. It was not supposed to look like this.


The key to attracting high-level clients

Thankfully, I recognized how to change things. The problem wasn’t the daily business actions I was taking. It was my mindset and the beliefs I held about myself and my ability to attract clients.

I had to work on myself. As a result, I began to understand my worth, raised my prices and started to land clients that were so compatible with me that our coaching calls felt like a catch up with a friend (and they still do). I started to attract big clients, sell out group programs and even hit my first £10,000 month in business. One of my clients signed up her biggest client ever just a few hours after implementing the following advice.

What did I do differently? Here are five steps I took to attract my dream, high-level clients:


1. Increase your self-belief

Seriously, if you’re not sold out on yourself, then nobody else will be. I know it might seem foreign, but you’re going to have to fall in love with you a little bit. I wasted so much time being afraid (and a bit embarrassed) to share my content online.

You are your first and biggest client, and you always will be. Take some time every day to practice self-care, self-love and do something you love. My favorite techniques to increase self-belief are journaling and affirmations. I write down all of the reasons why I love myself each day and affirmations in the present tense.


2. Identify and change limiting beliefs

If you expect to make zero sales today then in all likelihood you will make zero sales today.

Many of us train our bodies and exercise, but we don’t see the value of conditioning our minds — which means training yourself every day to expect money, success, and sales. You can do this through affirmations and identifying the mindset blocks associated with your current income.

Do you believe it is possible to attract dream clients, hit your sales goals, run a wildly successful business, and create a huge impact? If not, you need to work out why and change your mindset. Get to the root of your limiting beliefs and replace them with an empowering belief system.


3. Decide who you want to work with

If you think you’re only capable of signing up lazy, half-baked clients who need you to hold their hand perpetually then that’s what you’ll attract. Set client standards and do not allow yourself to work with just anybody because you want the money. That attitude stems from a lack mentality with the assumption that there isn’t an abundance of incredible clients.

So, it’s time to decide who you truly desire to work with and consider the qualities you want in a client. Grab a pen and paper and answer the following questions:

  • How old are they?
  • Where are they located?
  • Are they aspiring or established professionals in a specific career path?
  • Why will they love your product or service?
  • What’s important to them in life?
  • What about them inspires you?
  • Why would you enjoy working with them?
  • What personality traits and qualities do they have that you admire and love?


4. Fall in love with your offer

If you’re not crazy about what you’re selling, then nobody else will be either. Some clients may have to sacrifice financially to work with you, and you need to make it worth their investment! Make sure your offer is the highest value you’re capable of giving and then ask yourself:

  • What pain points are you solving?
  • What makes it one of a kind?
  • What makes it a no-brainer?
  • Why is your offer the best thing for your clients?
  • Why are you in love with it?


5. Start selling with confidence

The irony of why most coaches don’t sign up clients is because they’re not even selling what they have to offer.

People aren’t telepathic and just because you’ve shared a great piece of content it does not mean people know you’ve prepared an incredible coaching program too. You need to actively tell people every single day what you have to offer. The previous points we’ve just covered will help you do it with confidence!


The better you become, the better you attract

“You’re creating your reality right now. But chances are you’re not being very intentional about the reality that you’re creating. Reality is subjective; if you realize that it’s a construct, if you realize that you are choosing to believe something, then you can choose to believe that you can do something about it.”

Ultimately, the better you become, the better you attract. Do the work on yourself and your products that’s necessary to show up in the world and serve your ideal clients.


Lydia Killion-Irving is a UK-based serial entrepreneur and Mindset Coach, providing women with mindset tools and coaching services to help them create the biggest lives and businesses imaginable. She believes you can be, do and have anything that you want in life if you train your mind to believe it.


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