There Are Two Types Of Entrepreneurs – Both Can Benefit From An Aligned Hustle

There are two types of entrepreneurs and both can grow their businesses in an intentional way. Here are three tips to living richly for both camps.

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Hard work is often lauded as the key American virtue that leads to success and opportunity. It has preoccupied the business world for years creating a divide and resulting in two camps: Hustle Nation vs. Ease & Flow.

On one side are entrepreneurs who grind. They put in long, arduous hours and focus on high-performance achievement, devoting themselves completely to their businesses.

On the other side are entrepreneurs who concentrate largely on sustaining lifestyle businesses (with a focus on mindset: clarity, alignment, and attraction).

Both sides have their pros and cons.

Hustle unchecked leads to burnout and mental health issues, while ease and flow can foster complacency and result in an empty bank account.

The truth is you don’t have to choose. You can have both and grow your business in a grace-filled way. Here are three secrets to living richly and growing your business (for both camps).


1. Master the sacred hustle

Whether you’re working 18-hour days for months on end and sacrificing your health and relationships in the name of success, or meditating, chanting your way to clients, and waiting for inspiration to strike, you’re avoiding a vital component to success.

There Are Two Types of Entrepreneurs
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The sacred hustle is about making clarity a priority and allowing inspiration to run through you and guide your actions.

Sometimes, that will include staying up later than you planned to work through an idea or project. Other times that might look like taking a short sabbatical and turning off electronics to spend time with your partner or kids. It’s okay to work hard in your business. The key is to work in alignment which in unity moves you forward.


2. Prioritize both clarity and action

As a business owner, it is frustrating when you can’t see the journey charted ahead. Often, all you know is where you are, where you want to go, and the exact next step you will take–without any clue as to what will happen next.

As a result, many business owners wait for clarity on the entire journey to reveal itself before taking action. Subsequently, the next steps never reveal themselves. By the same token, other business owners will take habitual action because they think that’s what they should be doing. Only to find they’ve dug themselves into a hole instead of creating a road.

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Clarity in business doesn’t mean you understand the entire journey or possess unquestionable confidence on next steps. And blind action rarely moves you forward.

Clarity and action work together like a game of Clue. You uncover the next piece of the journey as you take action and move forward while remaining clear on your goal, intention, and what’s going on around you at every step.


3. Identify the fine line between self-sabotage and self-care

Self-care has become a hot topic in recent years, and entrepreneurs are at the forefront. If you want lasting success, you must take care of yourself and make it a priority. But what happens when what passes for self-care on the surface is self-sabotage that keeps you from what you truly desire?

There Are Two Types of Entrepreneurs
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Living Richly™ is about giving yourself the space to create, take action, and move forward in a powerful way that feels right. Notice, I said feels right, not feels good.

When you’re moving into new levels of rich living, there will be uncomfortable moments. The right actions may be scary and intimidating, or something you want to avoid. This mindset can present itself in unexpected ways such as being extra tired, needing a Netflix binge, or focusing on other tasks instead of those that will move the needle for your business. This is self-sabotage at its best!

When you learn to identify it, you can use mindset practices, like journaling, to shift the fears and beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your goals.


Allison Braun, a.k.a. Queen of Ease uses her 10+ years of experience in communication, relationships, personal development, and business to help successful women business owners around the world tap into deeper levels of business prosperity and life fulfillment with more ease and joy, without sacrificing what’s most important to them. Through The Business Pleasure Map™, Clarity To Clients™, and the Living Richly™ framework, Allison takes financially successful women business owners from stressed out, lonely, and out of alignment to empowered, connected, and passionate powerhouses. Connect with Allison on Twitter.


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